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PaintLover17 02-07-2012 08:56 PM

Slightly Lame-Not Sure Why
I just got home from the barn and Amber was acting a bit off today. Her back right leg was sore and she was walking slowly from her stall to the cross ties (over hard, somewhat rocky ground). She seemed like she didn't want to bend her leg and tried to keep it straight while walking. I took her in the sand arena and she was fine. There is no swelling, heat, or tenderness anywhere in the leg or hoof. She wasn't limping really, (no head bobbing) just sore. She was the same in the trot, not worse or better. I can't figure out why she is sore. I have a couple theories and wanted to see what everyone on here thought.
1. The farrier was out this morning to trim her. With a different farrier she had problems with being lame for up to a week after a trim, but so far (this is the third trim with the new farrier) we have had no problems since switching. She has been barefoot for over a year now with no other problems. Maybe the farrier accidentaly trimmed her too short?
2. Yesterday instead of riding I turned Amber out with a gelding that she doesn't know too well. They chased each other around a bit with their ears pinned, but neither of them got kicked or bit. Since she was galloping around in the sand arena and making kind of sharp turns maybe she pulled a muscle?
3. Since I live in the desert and hard ground and rocks are inevitable maybe a stone bruise?

I was not there when she got trimmed this morning because of a test so my BO/trainer held Amber for me and said she was fine then. It's really hard to describe how she is walking and I wish I had thought to take a video. My mom described it as a Nazi Walk since she seemed to keep her leg straight throughout most of the step. Anyone have any ideas?
Oh, forgot to mention she is perfectly willing to carry all her weight on the sore leg. She gave me no problems when I asked to pick up all four of her feet.

tinyliny 02-07-2012 09:48 PM

Yeah, without a video, just too hard to have a clue. Could be the trimming. or an abcess coming on. Could be anything. let's see how she is tomorrow.

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