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skittlesfirehawk 02-09-2012 12:06 AM

sicks of diets
i want to loose weight I'm 160-158 depending on the day and i want to go down to 120 and stay sick and tired of diets either i pay someone and eat prepackaged meals or use points and limit what i itself has such bad feeling attached to it no one is ever happy when their on a diet
.what happens when i get off the diet.i don't want to not be able to have fries ever again or only be able to have them once a month. anyone have any ideas for a new way to loose weight

Country Woman 02-09-2012 12:29 AM

First of all how tall are you and what size frame do you have ie small medium or large
I don't diet, I eat healthy and once in a while I treat myself eat on moderation

Brookside Stables 02-09-2012 02:20 AM

Go to and setup a profile. Set your goals to maintain weight and do that for a couple weeks until you are making good food choices, then change your goals to losing weight. It is a valuable site and can help you greatly if you go at it honestly.

If you need help changing your habits I can give you some ideas on how to improve. Good luck to you!

Allison Finch 02-09-2012 02:31 AM

Samstead 02-09-2012 03:15 AM


Originally Posted by Country Woman (Post 1349825)
First of all how tall are you and what size frame do you have ie small medium or large
I don't diet, I eat healthy and once in a while I treat myself eat on moderation

I agree check online what your ideal HEALTHY weight is according to your height and body type before dropping any pounds it could end up being hugely unhealthy

redape49 02-09-2012 03:45 AM

You also must exercise in order to lose weight, especially when you plateau

DuffyDuck 02-09-2012 03:55 AM

Instead of cutting foods out, try portion control. Make your portions slightly smaller and up the excercise! That helped my mum loads! She loves her food too much, and she tried every diet, healthy eating is another thing. Keep eating the foods you love, just in moderation and smaller portions and up the excercise!

Fellpony 02-09-2012 06:34 AM

Another reccomendation for

Healthy eating and lots of excercise is the key. keep fattening foods to a minimum or for a treat occasionally.

The more you excercise the more you can eat.

I was feeling hungry on the portion sizes so I upped my excercise to five nights a week from three nights a week. I can still lose weight but I am allowed more to eat. And I am still losing a healthy ammount each week. 1-2 lbs per week.

BaileyJo 02-09-2012 11:49 AM

Skittles, my suggestions is to not look at weight loss as a diet. Think of it as a life-style change. The weight won't come off over night and if you want to keep it off when you get there, you need to have retrained yourself to live in that lifestyle.

The fries aren't going anywhere. They will be there for the rest of your life - now, while you are losing weight and when you are there and maintaining your weight. My thought is that you have to learn to live with them. That might come off a persnickity but that's not how it is meant. You can still have them, just have to learn when its okay and how often.

Do you have someone that you admire for a healthy lifestyle of weight loss or weight maintence? What I would suggest is that you try to emulate that person and learn all you can about living with unhealthy and tempting foods.

You can do it! You have to believe in your mind that you can and then begin to live it out. And then take it day by day. It won't happen overnight so don't get down on yourself if you do enduldge. Remember, it's a lifelong journey.

Joe4d 02-09-2012 12:12 PM

pretty much never have fries again, probably the worst food there is, short term diets are extreme, hard to stick to and only work short term.
You really have to change your lifestyle. Stop eating junk food, exercise more. It really is that simple.

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