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Tayz 02-09-2012 03:57 AM

Muss's thread
Hey guys so i thought Id update you all on Muss for those who remember all my annoying panicky posts from when he went through 3 electric fences jumped a barbed and got caught in it and ripped open his chest. Hes doing great, we have decided to change aggistments now because it was so much better for me to go to this place and now we can improve. So today we hired a float and someone who drives them and they helped us move him over to the new aggistment. it was strange because when they lady drove the float into the paddock i had put muss in a tiny yard for half an hour and as the float came up the paddock muss just went cantering through the yard, bucking like a crazy horse. Ive never seen him react like that, i was even a little worried about catching him but he stopped next to the door and we clipped the lead on and walked him to the float. he was hesitant to get on the float but i got on with a carrot and he finally decided it was worth it. Funnily my friends horses love floating so as we tried to get muss on they were trying to get on themselves lol, made it a bit more hard but it kept him relaxed which was good. So we floated him out and arrived there about half an hour later. They took the float in and we unloaded him. As he was backing out he panicked for a second with his back legs and started panicking but self calmed himself and walked off, head high, nostrils flaring looking around. he gobbled 3 carrots up so quick and i let him get used to his surroundings and new paddock. He made friends with the horse in the paddock next door very quickly which was pretty funny but he loves new things so he was having a ball in this exciting new place. And so well behaved, even when the horse in the paddock got too keen and cantered down the fence, muss just watched even though i could see the urge he had to go. But anyway, plan now is to heal his face up as its swollen from being kicked by a horse at old paddocks, fix all the bites all over his body, reduce all the scars showing, get a bit more weight on him and then be able to ride him at my new aggistments arenas. I'm very excited for tomorrow as I'm going to take him for a walk down to the arena, round yards, polebending place and possibly give him a bath or a good brush. I dont know whos more excited, Me or Muss lol. More photos will come soon.
The float we hired.

About 20 minutes after getting to the new aggistment and feed one over the urge for him to gallop and view his new surroundings.
And yes the bucket says 'Messy Mussy' lol.
He met the cute horse in the paddock beside mine. I like him, hes friendly.
The cows in the paddock next door with the cute chestnut. I sadly didnt get to see Muss's expression when he first met them which is a **** shame as hes never seen a cow and these cows were cute.
Heres Muss.
When I was leaving.

And one more photo of his paddock ^^

I'm so excited for tomorrow to see him and i promise i will get more photos of him. I'm just so happy hes in a paddock by himself so now he wont get picked on all the time. If i'd moved him sooner his face wouldnt be swollen atm :/ but anyways, I'm excited for tomorrow!

Tayz 02-09-2012 03:58 AM

csimkunas6 02-09-2012 08:42 AM

Congrats! Thats awesome that everything worked out, and that you found a place he can relax, and heal up! Look forward to more pics!

He looks so happy already!

LoveMyDrummerBoy 02-09-2012 10:24 AM

He looks happy! But the fencing here has barbwire too..?

Tayz 02-10-2012 04:49 AM

Yep its barbedwire and so far he seems to respect the fence more then he did the electric fence. I went and spent some time grooming him this afternoon and he was good except a float went past and he got really revved up started puffing fast and the horse in the paddock next door was galloping up and down the fence line bucking and i thought he was going to bolt too but he calmed himself and just neighed really loud which i was so happy bout.
Anyway heres some photos of him today, the weird coloured spots are where ive put ointment because of scratches or scars.

you can also see in the pics where his face is swollen from getting kicked by a horse :(

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