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xhorseygirlx 02-09-2012 04:43 PM

Running a horse livery?
I could find a category so I'll just put it in here.

I have been looking at equestrian houses and found one with 10 acres and ten stables, with a manage and everything! But I only want one horse so I was thinking of setting up a DIY livery yard for people to just pay me for keeping their horse there and do the rest there self. Also I was thinking of costing extra for them to use the ménage for a certain amount of time.

What do you think? Would I need insurance, if yes how much does it cost monthly? How many horses would I be able to board? How much would I make monthly round about? And any tips..? Thanks! x

Country Woman 02-09-2012 05:17 PM

first of all how old are you? you need to be older 19 to own a boarding stable
Yes you need insurance how much depends what you are offering
the barn need to have proper size stalls
You mean there are 10 stalls

good luck

thesilverspear 02-09-2012 05:30 PM

As someone who keeps their horse at livery, I sure would not pay for the privilege of using the livery yard's arena. If a yard, DIY or not, charged for the use of the arena, I'd find another one.

Reese 02-09-2012 05:31 PM

Honestly, you can't expect to make much if you don't do any of the work yourself. Is it a 10 stall, or 10 stables? I own a 10 stall barn on 11 acres and do only FULL CARE. If you let people do their own work they will be showing up once a day maybe, and your barn will always be dirty and full of flies. People will ask you could you do it just this time? and you'll find yourself doing it all anyway. What happens when one owner runs out of hay or grain? Would you feed yours to their horse? Could you let a horse go unfed? Who pays for shavings? Where do they put the manure, and how do they get it there? Do you have a way to get rid of a HUGE PILE of manure? It piles up quickly. Where is everyone suppose to keep their hay and grain? How do you keep it all separate? What happens when someone uses others supplies?

Just think it over very hard, it's a lot of work running a boarding stable. Then there is always DRAMA!

You might be happier with a smaller 3 - 5 acres and keep a friends horse for company. It's a lot less work.

If you do the Stable be ready to work 365 days a year or find someone who will fill in for you on holidays. It's a real big decision. Think it over carefully.

Also, how much knowledge do you have to handle horses that may not behave well all the time? and do you know how to handle emergencies, colic and such?

If a horse is hurt or having a colic you will be the one who has to handle it until the vet and owner arrive.

Also, if you do decide to do this, Please make sure all fencing is safe so you can avoid injury. Horses often kick at a horse in the paddocks next to them, if they kick the fence will they be injured? HOT ROPE is a safe cross fence. Wire is not. Perimeter Fence needs to be sturdy, wire and wood.

Good LUCK if you do it!

Hope I've given you some food for thought.

sierrams1123 02-09-2012 05:39 PM

I would think very hard before getting yourself into something like this.
It takes a lot of work and up keep to manage something like this.
There is no such thing as a DIY place, unless your talking about the owner DIY.
I also agree with the above poster, I would not pay extra for use of an arena if I was already paying for my horse to stay there.
Also, I would not pay much if I was expected to come out and feed and do all the up keep myself. Most people board so that they do not have to do that kind of stuff, while others board because they have no other option.

I am also curious about how old you are and yes you need insurance, you may also need a business license depending on your state/county rules.

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