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farley 02-10-2012 08:59 PM

Multi-colored rope halters and bit less bridles??
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So I have a pair of multi-colored reins I call them my Lucky Rainbow Reins because I have never hit the ground while using them, and I always have the best rides with them ... weird right haha anyway I have become very attached to them and am now looking to match a Rope Halter and 12 ft lead, along with a bitless bridle but I am having no luck even finding the color style.. Can anyone help me??

WildAcreFarms 02-11-2012 03:00 AM

are you wanting the bitless bridle in the rainbow color or just looking for a bitless bridle?

I bought the one on ebay that is 69.00 by hilason

English Medium Horse Bitfree Bitless Bridle Black #C006 | eBay

I've had very good luck with it. my horse goes really well (she just never accepted the bit) the leather is decent I'd say for the price it's nice. it's not a 300 bridle but it's fine for the price.

I'd buy another one if i need to.

farley 02-11-2012 04:04 AM

I am more looking for one in this color sceme, or plain just rope
I like to buy my rope halters, bitless bridles and riding halters from The Ahimsa Collective at theahimsacollective on
they said they could order the rope and make it for me but I dont even know what you would call this color style and I cant find it online anywhere.
I was just wondering if anyone knew what it would be called or knew where I could Find a similar one, so that I could contact them and get more info.
I figured it would be a long shot but I am out of ideas

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