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tlkng1 02-10-2012 08:19 PM

1-800-Bricklayer: New Horse Curse
Ever get the feeling someone is out to get you? The sale receipt for my new horse isn't even three weeks old yet. First I have to have a saddle fitter come out OK, not necessarily a huge deal..I can live with it. Monday we had a dressage clinic and the horse went beautifully..couldn't be happier. Tuesday I did groundwork to give him a break after the clinic then Wednesday was a day off due to lousy weather conditions. In all this the horse is fine.

Thursday I get on to ride and the horse is slightly off. No heat, no swelling, no digital pulse...I think stiff or sore from the clinic and groundwork. Nope, tonight the horse is obviously lame at trotting out and digital pulse is throbbing like a base the vet. She puts the hoof testers on him, hit the "spot" and he practically jumps to the rafters. She indicates abscess or stone bruise..hard to say at this point. She removed the shoe, did some digging (not extremely deep) trying to hit the abscess but nothing came up. We still treated as for an abscess with standard poultice and wrap though she indicated it could just be a stone bruise. Bute for a couple of days to help with the ouchies and turnout in a small indoor arena (no rough ground or rocks) as long as he doesn't come up lame at the walk. Now the waiting game starts for the next few days (at a minimum) of soaking and re-poulticing to try and get an abscess to make itself known or for the stone bruise to heal, plus, he will need to be reshod before I can ride again even afterwards and we have our first show in about 5 weeks. Still, I guess it could be worse. An abscess or stone bruise will heal...I won't say what I was REALLY being paranoid about :)

We refer to this as the new horse curse and let me tell you, I am three for three :)

Still, he was a troooper. Kept stealing the vet's hat right off her head and was nudging her shoulder with his head....he likes her :)

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