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WesternBella 02-11-2012 12:07 AM

Mounting Issues - driving me crazy!
Okay so I posted a thread a while ago talking about how my horse won't stand for mounting and has been known to kick when he doesnt want to stand for mounting.

My horse isn't THAT tall (he is 15.3) but for some reason, I find it very hard to mount from the ground. So...I use a mounting block. I can get up on most horses from the ground...just not him.

On my other thread, I got a lot of recommendations to make sure he isn't in pain..and he isn't! He's just 1) deciding to be a jerk or 2) scared of the mounting block.

I attempted to mount from the ground today and he stood PERFECTLY still...the saddle was moving around so much, I thought he was going to, he didn't really care. As soon as I brought the mounting block around, he did not want to stand like a good boy any longer.


My question is- are there any ways to practice mounting? I think for some reason, I'm better at mounting in the summer...but are there any excersizes for strengthening your leg muscles or anything? Let me know xoxo thanks!
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Country Woman 02-11-2012 12:24 AM

I think you need upper body strength as well

I would try to show your horse the mounting block and let him is its
not going to bite him

happy123 02-11-2012 12:30 AM

If you mount up/ try to mount up and he moves, jump off and back him, trot him in a circle, etc. make him not want to move when you are getting off :)

tinyliny 02-11-2012 01:40 AM

Is afraid of the mounting block because you bring it to him? if so , try climbing on the mounting block and bringing him to you. You teach him to line up to the mounting block and stand still for you to mount. you want to teach him this so that you can mount him from anything; a fence, a log , a mound of earth , a bucket.

I would have a dressage whip in hand and use it to tap his hind end over toward the mounting block. it's a slow, step by step process , with lots of rests and rewards as the horse makes progress. If he threatens to kick out during this process, I would give him legs a small sharp smack and perhaps back him up and then go back to slow and carefully teaching him to come to YOU, while you stand on the mounting block.

farley 02-11-2012 03:23 AM

leg stretchs, pull ups, slow dismounts, different boots these can all help.
Remeber to never pull yourself up, it can cause issue and the horse will move. I bounce several times,I am not sure what style you ride in, but I never grab the horn.
I would put your horse between you and the block and lung. If he stands tied well put the block next to him, put it in his stall next to his feed. And if he still figets when you are ready to mount then everytime he tiem he takes a step work him. He will learn its easier to stand next to it then to be worked.

Maple 02-11-2012 05:35 AM

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When I first got Bandit he would not stand to be mounted to save his life. I think part of his problem was lack of respect for people. I just kept moving him until he stood - if he took a step forward id put him back where I had put him and make sure he stands square. Alot of the time people don't look at how the horse is standing - obviously they will move if they arent balanced.. I mount him from anywhere - fences, gates, sheelbarrows, bales of hay/shavings and he now won't move an inch - change it up, both he and you need to know you can get back on the horse without a problem from anywhere.

Country Woman 02-11-2012 03:00 PM

I have trouble with my knees so I can't mount like I used too

Skyseternalangel 02-11-2012 11:20 PM

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Desensitize with the mounting block, try doing as tinyliny said and bring him to you while on the mounting block or bring him over to it.

Do as another said and correct every step he makes by doing the opposite. Change up your mounting routine else they will get too comfortable and not focus (they tend to zone.)

Keep on it.. if he doesn't stand still.. make him move either forwards or sideways or backwards on YOUR command, not his.

Good luck, it can be SOOOOOO frustrating. I wanted to punch a wall when my horse would "self lunge" himself.

I try to avoid ground mounting for special circumstances because it puts a lot of pressure on their withers, their back, it shifts the saddle.. and it makes it just rough on your joints too. Try a fence or a rock or a stump or a bench or something else.

Gleek 03-12-2012 05:26 AM

Instead of work outs for you try on your horse..

Always have yourleft rein shorter so if he moved it'll only be in a circle.

Teach your horse to stand still by teaching him to brace will mounting. Put your horse in a brace position... push him as like you're trying to push him over then he should eventually stop and fight against it. he'll then stand still.
works for most horses.

Saddlebag 03-13-2012 08:43 AM

Stand on the block holding his head (rein) and use your lunge whip to move his hindquarters laterally. Make him circle the block. This is a little uncomfortable for him. When he wants to stop ask for another step. Invite him up to the block which he'll likely decline. That's ok. Ask him to move the other way and again a complete circle. Again invite him up to the block. He'll learn that the only way he gets to stand still is to stand by the block. Don't mount at this time, just rub him a little. Step down walk him a bit then bring him back to the block. If he hestitates at all, have him circle again. You will notice that his back end is travelling a lot farther than his front. He's feeling it also. Be patient and don't quit until he'll stand quietly. Horse like to test so don't be surprised if he tests you in a week or a few weeks. If so a reminder usually does the trick and its a done issue. The kick is an intimidation tactic. He can't kick when his butt is circling.

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