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xEquestrianx 02-11-2012 02:16 AM

Jumper confo?
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I posted this in the confo one too. But how is her jumping confo look? I mean she loves it and she easily does over 3'. but what would her maximum be?

Alcatrazjmpr 02-11-2012 08:59 PM

While conformation plays a big role in what a horse can and can't do I've seen some horses that are just down right built wrong jump in the 1.20-1.30m and up classes. Did they last long? Not as long as their well put together competitors.At the same time I've seen beautifully put together horses max out at the 3ft. Work on her training, try jumping bigger and see where she is comfortable.

Allison Finch 02-11-2012 09:15 PM

I have seen the worst conformed horses jumping successfully at the GP level. And, I have seen horses whose breeding lines and conformation would lead you to believe they would excel...only to be epic failures. I have seen PONIES beat huge warmbloods at the GP level.

Long story all boils down to heart. If the horse has a love for jumping, the heart and courage, and a rider they trust with their lives, even the most unlikely horse will prevail.

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