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Heelsdown 02-11-2012 01:28 PM

The Fjord roach or not to roach?
The Fjord is one of my favorite breeds. They just look like the horse version of a teddy bear to me. They are on my "dream horse" list to own someday.

I've noticed that a lot of European Fjord owners leave their mane natural. Well, I should say, when I'm looking at Fjords and I see a natural mane, it's always a fjord from Europe. Dressage rider Jolanda Adelaar leaves her Fjord's mane natural and it always looks gorgeous.

So my silly question of the day is, if I ever got a Fjord and decided to leave its mane natural, is it something that would be frowned up here in the US by Fjord owners?
I do love the roached mane as well. I honestly like both. But I'm just curious if having a natural mane is something looked down on here. From what I've read, the roached mane is purely for visual reasons. There's not a functional reason behind it.

I also can't believe how many people think that their mane naturally grows that way. I've actually read that in so many places! :shock:

Alaskadraft 02-11-2012 02:04 PM

If you leave it better take stock out in Cowboy magic! WHEW! When we had our Felle we kept it most part in the natural state. BUT it took forever to groom his mane and tail. His was very course and kinda waxy.. So we compromised... In the spring he got roached.. We decided he needed the mane to keep warmer in the winter.. since he was hot with it laying on his neck in the summer.. Oh I forgot to mention... it was a double mane so it layed on both sides of his neck..

Its a personal preference I would say.. but it is FUN! trimming the mane in different shapes..if you mess can just shave it all off ;)


IslandWave 02-11-2012 02:07 PM

Do what you want, it's your horse! :)
I personally would go with what's more practical. If you plan on showing a discipline that requires button braids, then I'd roach rather than pulling it to braiding length. I think a roached mane just looks so sharp on Fjords. But if you're showing a discipline that a long mane is acceptable, then I'd grow it out. Or do both! I used to pull my horse's mane for two shows and then let it be long for the rest of the year.

Heelsdown 02-13-2012 01:42 PM

Good to know it's not too frowned upon. Not that it would stop me from letting it grow out. I wondered if people would be talking about the hippy Fjord with the long hair. :lol:

That's a good idea about roaching it in spring and letting it grow out for winter. I just love both looks so much.

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