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SorrelHorse 02-11-2012 02:59 PM

RIP Hes A Peptospoonful.
It is with a heavy heart that we bid farwell to Hes A Peptospoonful. He very une...xpectantly passed away last evening at Tin Top Road Stallion Station in Weatherford, Texas where he was preparing to stand the 2012 breeding season. Texas A&M is currently performing the postmortem autopsy to determine the cause of death of a stallion that was in the prime of his life. He will be greatly missed. Condolencies to the McDavid Family and those close to this great stallion.

I have not seen a thread for him yet. Rest in Peace, Spoonful. February 8th was an awful day for the horse world, not only with the loss of this amazing and legendary stallion but with the loss of Greg Gessner's and Stacy Westfall's mare Roxy, too.

May the two roam heaven happily together, and may the humans that loved them so much meet them over the great divide between earth and heaven.

CowgirlHannah 02-11-2012 03:47 PM

Why do they have to die? R.I.P HES A PEPTOSPOONFUL.

equiniphile 02-11-2012 04:07 PM

How awful; February has been a tough month for horselovers. I've always admired Spoonful....RIP

ladybugsgirl 02-11-2012 04:10 PM


Endiku 02-11-2012 08:29 PM

goodbye, beautiful stallion <3 he will be greatly missed by the western world.

CLaPorte432 02-11-2012 08:52 PM

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Good lord! Can we get a break from all these great horses passing away? So sad! He certainly was a gorgeous horse!

Allison Finch 02-11-2012 09:26 PM

What a fabulous horse!! I only hope they collected a LOT of sperm from him, so he can pass on his glory for a good time to come.

trainerunlimited 02-11-2012 09:32 PM

Wow, that was a crazy day in the horse world! Sorry to see him go!

MangoRoX87 02-13-2012 10:52 AM


Originally Posted by Allison Finch (Post 1354418)
What a fabulous horse!! I only hope they collected a LOT of sperm from him, so he can pass on his glory for a good time to come.

Does any one know if they did?
I know you can still get some of Hollywood Dunits...

SorrelHorse 02-13-2012 10:54 AM

Mango, I don't have anything official, but on a facebook forum a lot of people were upset and worried about their pre booked breedings. I guess we'll see.

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