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barefoothooves 07-10-2008 08:03 AM

How much riding do you do?
I was thumbing through some training books before I packed them away and got to thinking about how the best training tool for any horse is "lots of wet saddle blankets' or lots of hours of proactive riding. This got me to thinking, how unless you are a trainer or a kid on summer break, how many hours do you realisitically get to ride your horse on average?

Most of us are working class so that eats up a lot of time, not to mention taking care of family, then doing chores to maintain the horses we are dying to ride. My job is such that I usually get a sporadic time schedule and some days I'm happy to get 30 minutes in if I can. Others, I go for 2-3 hours but usually stop around there as I don't think it's fair to the horse to be used to 30min-1hr rides and then have to work extra hard for extra long.

Soooo, how much time do you ACTUALLY get to ride your horse normally?

sempre_cantando 07-10-2008 08:38 AM

Normally? About 2 hours a week will be spent riding... and that's a good week :-( But before anyone labels me a 'bad horse owner', my mare is well cared for and gets plenty of turnout! Being busy is never an excuse to neglect my horse!

At the moment, I'm riding everyday because I'm on holidays... and I'm noticing such a difference in her behaviour :-D

NorthernMama 07-10-2008 10:46 AM

Ya, work & family cut into it big time for sure. I try to aim for 2x a week. If I've had a bad week at work, I'll tell everyone I need to de-stress and I take off in between. Average is probably about 2 - 3 hours of actual riding time in a week.

FGRanch 07-10-2008 12:14 PM

Well I don't work but I have a almost two year old son. Dad works out of town so I usually don't get that much time away from the house to ride.

My husband was home for about 2 weeks so I was riding every second day for about an hour and half then but not that he is away at work I ride for about 2 hours once a week. It sucks. I got so much done on my training with the horses while he was home!

But my horses have 24/7 turnout so they are able to run and play and not be bored.

iridehorses 07-10-2008 12:29 PM

I try to ride at least 5 times per week. During the week it may be only for 1/2 an hour then a longer ride on the weekend for a total of about 10 or 12 hours per week. That is aside from the occasional competition.

During the summer I'll ride in the morning or the evening but during the winter it has to be the mornings.

I'm fortunate to work from home so I can schedule my time better and work in a ride during "rush hour" then head to my office and work.

PrettyJumper 07-10-2008 01:36 PM

I work 6am-2pm so I normally get to ride about 5 days a week. About an 1 hour per ride some times a little longer, about every other week-end I compete, and on the other week-end I go on 2-4 hour trail rides :). I love working mornings hehe, I'm also blessed with a nice Office with, peace and little Boss problems.

PoptartShop 07-10-2008 04:06 PM

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I actually ride about 3-4 times a week. In the meantime if it's like too hot to ride or something, I'll just do some groundwork or groom. :D

Vidaloco 07-12-2008 07:31 AM

In good weather we ride every other day for 1-3 hours. If the weather is bad we try to get in at least one or two rides a week. Usually about an 1-2 hours each. We take a break every hour no matter how long we ride. I'm overweight and my horse is smallish so I figure I owe her a break every hour.
It really comes down to how tired my husband is that day and the weather :lol:

FriesianSH 07-12-2008 08:09 PM

I go out to the barn 2-4 times a week and spend at least 3 hrs. out there each time. I usually ride Cody for at least an hour each time. A lot of it just depends on my schedule and the weather.

Abby 07-12-2008 08:49 PM

I typically go riding between 5-7 times a week because sometimes I ride in the morning, and again in the afternoon, so I really only go out to the barn 5 days a week. I usually ride about 2 hours, 5 hours tops when we go on an "expedition" which is usually on Mondays we take a big ol' trek through the world.

So averaging all that stuff out, lets say I ride six days a week, at 2 hours a day. So I ride about 12 hours a week on my average week.

That would be great if I worked him hard when I rode him, which I have been a little more but I usually don't. I've been asking a lot more of him when we ride, before we used to do LOTS of walking, and minor trotting and and even less cantering. We used to walk for a good hour and 45 minutes, trot 15 minutes and MAYBE canter a minute, usually less. The trot and canter was usually done freely, meaning, i didn't ask him to extend or collect at it but lately I've been asking for a lot of collected trotting, and I've been starting to ask for collection on the canter, but thats only in its baby steps since I really want to get the trot down pat before I move on you know?
Now when we ride its more, and hour of walking, 45 minutes of trotting, and fifteen minutes of cantering... roughly. :P I try to time it out so I know, but I forget sometimes to write down what I was working on and for how long. :roll:

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