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BarrelBunny 02-12-2012 08:07 PM

If you got the chance...
If you got the chance to ride ANY horse (dead or alive) which one would it be? I would choose either Secretariat, Dash For Cash, or Fallon Taylor's horse Chuck Taylor! :D :D :D

Fear The Tree 02-12-2012 08:08 PM

Sea Biscuit!

EquestrianCowgirl4 02-12-2012 08:09 PM

Roxy aka Wizards Baby Doll.... That would be amazing!

R.I.P Roxy

Country Woman 02-12-2012 08:11 PM

Secretariat, Man O' War, Big Ben, Hickstead

waresbear 02-12-2012 08:12 PM

Secretariat winning the Belmont stakes by 31 lengths to win the triple crown. Come on now, who wouldn't???!!!! Riding a part of history. And the fictional horse I would want to ride would be Pegasus, for obvious reasons, lol.

kayleeloveslaneandlana 02-12-2012 08:15 PM

Tortillas or Fuego!

mildot 02-12-2012 08:17 PM



But above all else, if I could do anything that would be the ne plus ultra, is to become accepted as a student at the Spanish Riding School of Vienna.

tempest 02-12-2012 08:29 PM

I'd have to choose from Black Jack, Sgt. Reckless, Comanche, and Figure.

EquestrianCowgirl4 02-12-2012 08:30 PM

oh also Secretariat that would be an amazing rush!

OkieGal 02-12-2012 08:34 PM

From top ranked:
1: Zenyatta!
2. Man O' War
3. Secretariat
4. Go Man Go
5. Hickstead
6. Jet Deck
7. Forego

Most of all, I wish I could ride my heart horse one more time...
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