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BarrelBunny 02-12-2012 08:24 PM

The craziest thing...
What is the craziest thing that your horse has ever done?? :happydance: Mine shreds the garbage, has taken my Easter basket and run across the pasture with it, dented my aunt's truck by scratching her butt on it, and she stole my pickle! (yep! she reached right over and snatched my pickle out of my hand, finishing it in one bite! One of the big Dill ones too! :rofl: ) I love her anyways lol. :lol:

QHriderKE 02-12-2012 08:31 PM

The craziest thing...hmmm

Peanut: Works awesome with me, she's 10, and is the best heading horse ever. Never tries anything with me. Dad takes her to a jackpot: She bucks him off on their first run.

Squiggy: Jumps random sagebrush and bushes while I'm riding her in the pasture.

Lins 02-12-2012 08:51 PM

Mason once dove off a cliff into a ravine with me on him! We (well he was the only one that knew what to do!) were rounding up cattle and he jumped in after a cow. I was shocked, but man was that crazy! He didn't hesitate or think twice, he was intent on his job. He landed that jump beautifully too thankfully.
I was training a horse in the rocky mountains a few years back and he spooked at some mountain goats, and took off bucking down a steep rock slide type area on the mountain side. It was so sudden, took me a few seconds to get him under control. And he cut up his legs pretty bad, I had to cut up my jacket to use to stop the bleeding. I have some crazay horse stories!!!
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gigem88 02-12-2012 08:54 PM

This past weekend, my old QH gelding was feeling his oats and was bucking and kicking and running around the pasture. Well, the ground is very soggy and he was running, tried to buck, fell on his side and slide for about 10 yards! I laughed, he got up and was noticably embarrassed and proceeded to run and buck. He was kicking at the lead rope on the ground. Checked him over and no injuries.

Duren 02-12-2012 08:56 PM

My gelding had a stuffed animal he used to carry around the pasture with him. Its was quite cute actually.

He also used to get on his knees and play with a mini.

Pyrros 02-12-2012 09:47 PM

My 9 month old paint colt Midas likes to occasionally steal things. He likes to put his mouth on things, and if I leave him unsupervised he'll take things like buckets, brushes, crops and lead ropes to play with. Occasionally the other colt -not mine, affectionately known as the '****** baby'- will wander over like "Hey, what's that? Can I play?" And Midas will promptly smack him with the crop/rope/whatever he has taken. It's not an accident either, if the other baby tries to run Midas just chases after him shaking his new-found weapon.

Speaking of that, his sire -who belongs to my father- is the one he seems to have picked up the thieving from. Amigo will steal /anything/. He'll steal phones, wallets, shoes, lead ropes, halters, brushes. And of course, once he has snuck this object away from you he promptly takes off galloping like a maniac hoisting his new found prize high in the air. (And good luck getting it back/finding it again xD)

Years ago I had an arab mare that would occasionally jump the fence and then go lay in the road. I'd be awoken to the screeching of brakes, lots of yelling and a neighbor angrily pounding on the door to tell me 'that crazy horse was sleeping in the road again'. She did it a couple times, never figured out why.

I also had an old appy mare who every few days would break out of the pasture -be it unlocking the gate, jumping the fence or simply plowing /through/ the fence.- She'd wander around all night, grazing in a neighbor's pasture or yard. Every morning with out fail she'd come back home, climb onto the patio and wait. If I didn't wake up early enough for her liking she'd set about destroying everything on the patio.

I'd come outside to find chairs dumped over, tables flipped, dog houses thrown on the ground, bags of dog food torn off the shelves and ripped open all over the ground and a very fat, satisfied appaloosa mare waiting by the door for me with a look of "Well, It certainly took you long enough to wake up."

That's all I can think of as far as 'crazy things'. xD

Caitlinpalomino 02-12-2012 09:53 PM

I used to own a little minauture/shetland gelding and he would always try and pick fights with my tb/clyd who is 17 hh and the minutare x was 9hh. It was really funny to watch!

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