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Tayz 02-12-2012 10:06 PM

So this is my thoroughbred, in no way do i think hes pyshically perfect but I love him hehe. Hes 6years old, a thorougbred 16.2hh. Some of these pics hes lost all the muscle in his bum and legs because hes had a 3 month break from riding. but yeh, tell me what you think, I'm curious :)

Tayz 02-12-2012 10:07 PM

Tayz 02-13-2012 04:56 AM

No opinions at all lol :( dissapointed.

sierrams1123 02-13-2012 04:58 AM

none of these pictures are good for critique.
try getting some of him squared up, both sides and back and front end.
then maybe you will get some responses.

Tayz 02-13-2012 05:07 AM

What about this one, is it ok?

or this one, hes almost squared up. if not i can look throuh my photos and see i got something else.

The one from behind probably wont be ok but can you use any of these?

sierrams1123 02-13-2012 05:09 AM

no, you need to square him up unsaddled.

Elana 02-13-2012 07:44 AM

He is weak coupled and has a hunter bump.. might improve with more weight.. more muscling. He also sports a 'ewe' neck which will improve with time and putting a foundation on him so that his neck "turns over." This means he has learned to carry himself and the muscle along the top of the neck becomes larger and the muscle along the lower part of the neck becomes less pronounced. That being said, his neck is set a bit low so this will take time.

Right now he travels with a hollow back and a high head.. so he needs to learn to travel with his head lower, and his abdominal muscles supporting an arched back and his weight on his his rear quarters. Right now he is not using his ring of muscles and it is not helping his conformation.

He has a somewhat straight hind leg but he has good bone, roomy hocks and nice low hocks but his stifle is a bit high. Due to the weak coupling and being a bit straight through the stifle, he tends to stand a bit camped under.

His shoulder is a bit steep and angle from point of shoulder to point of elbow is a bit flat and long. He has a nice front leg. A bit tied in behind the knee but she has large flat knees and good bone.

He has nice sized feet.

A little more weight and he would look a lot better.. smoother. He might look a lot better if the photos were better.

To take a conformation photos, stand the horse straight with his front leg closest to the camera straight, leg away from the camera slightly behind so you see "space to the knees." Hind leg closest to the camera should be straight with the back of the cannon in line with the point of buttock. Hind leg away from the camera should be slightly ahead with space to the hocks. Head and neck in a relaxed position (not too high or too low). Photographer stands opposite the horse's hip to take the photo.

It takes 3 people to take a photo of a horse. One person handles the camera and tells the handler how to set the horse up. One person is handling the horse and following those instructions. One person is standing outside the picture getting the horse to pay attention and flick his ears forward after the horse is set up.

AndreaSctlnd 02-13-2012 10:33 AM

I can't critique as I know nothing, but I think he's a cutie.

Tayz 02-13-2012 11:01 PM

Thankyou andrea and thankyou for the critique. His neck has gotten worse as he has been left to just graze and because of the accident he lost weight and its been 2 months or so since being worked and has lost all the muscle along his back and bum. When I get him back into work I will take some good photos ^^ thanks
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AndreaSctlnd 02-14-2012 08:50 AM

What happened to him?

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