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SarahAnn 02-15-2012 12:07 PM

So, I have recently been diagnosed with Hyperthyroidism. Because of this it is really really hard for me to gain weight, and even to maintain a healthy weight. I am a hard keeper.

That being said, it frustrates me SO much that a person struggling to GAIN weight is not taken seriously. If I were trying to lose weight, people would be all over me trying to offer tips and offer their support. Why is it that my condition isn't taken seriously? I don't WANT to be unhealthy, whether it be underweight or overweight. I see things that poke fun at "skinny" people all the time, like it's acceptable. "Big girls are for REAL men, only DOGS like bones." or whatever it says. It's insulting. I would never EVER poke fun at anyone's weight, period. Everyone struggles differently, and no one has the right to judge. You never know what someone else might be struggling with... ya know??

Okay, that's my rant for the day. Now I am off to consume foods that are ridiculously high in fat and calories, while trying to stay healthy at the same time. Wish me luck!

gigem88 02-15-2012 12:19 PM

Both sides of the spectrum are no fun! Can it be helped with medication? Hope you find a happy medium!

SarahAnn 02-15-2012 12:32 PM

Medication can help a little, but I would rather try to find a diet that works for me. I compare it to my older mare, Blaze. She's a hard keeper, and so am I. So I just count calories and try to eat as much fat as I can. I started taking a salmon oil supplement, and I actually use rice bran oil to cook with because it's very high in fat, and I use it for my horses too. I buy it by the gallon, so it's always available. I try to take it one day at a time, and I try not to stress about it. Stress is not good for weight gain, it typically makes you lose weight.

A year ago I struggled in the opposite way. I was 60 lbs heavier then I am now. I had a ovarian cyst that was causing my body to store fat because of an increase in HCG, the pregnancy hormone. I did everything in my power to lose weight and couldn't. After my surgery to remove the cyst, I lost weight rapidly, which is eventually how they discovered the hyperthyroidism.

So I understand both sides of the spectrum and how hard it can be to both lose and gain. I just wish it was more understood that just because I am not overweight doesn't mean I don't struggle. And it doesn't mean I deserve to be poked fun at because I am "skinny."
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kait18 02-15-2012 01:48 PM

no one deserves to be made fun of!!! i wish you luck with your new high calorie diet :) and hope you get to a good weight you are comfortable with
:) smiles and hugs your way :)

PaintLover17 02-15-2012 02:11 PM

I have the same problem, and I agree it can be annoying how people think being underweight is no big deal. I've found that eating multiple high-calorie meals a day helps. They don't have to be large meals, just contain more calories than normal. Just like when someone is trying lose weight eat more small meals, except instead of fewer calories you'll want more. I've found drinking a couple glasses of fruit juice (V8 fusion is great!) a day helps too.
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SarahAnn 02-15-2012 02:22 PM

Thank you! I drink a few glasses of whole milk a day, and I eat a lot of healthy calories and fats like nuts and grains all day long. Usually like 3 or 4 times a day in between meals. My breakfast alone is almost 1500 calories on most days. And let me tell you, its a major pain in the butt to have to wake up early enough to make a huge breakfast before starting my day. I wish I could just sleep in for an extra hour! Another 15 lbs is all I really need for the nutritionist to deem me "healthy." But I'd like to put on 20 or 25 just so that I have room to lose and still be comfortable.
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Lockwood 02-15-2012 03:03 PM

My son actually struggles with holding his weight too and is a total beanpole. (I say that in the most loving of ways...)
He has a host of health issues and among them some major and life threatening food allergies, plus he is a celiac.
Just keeping his weight to as close to healthy as I can is a near full time job as I have to make everything from scratch and he's only 8. I'm going to be in real trouble when he becomes a teen.
I understand your frustrations!

Because of his allergies and whatnot, he can only take 1 nutritional supplement that I have to get an RX for. One little box has 250 calories (think pediasure, ensure type stuff but way better) and he has to have 4 a day ontop of everything else. He can't have anything fish or shrimp, so I have to look towards other healthy fats. Coconut oil and avocados have been real helpful for us.

Also, not sure you are aware of them, but potein and weight gainer supplements that gym/workout nuts take really work! My former hubby also had underweight issues and he used those. They helped him alot and he was able to cut down on food volume. They mix up like shakes and come in a large variety to fit many needs. Some are tastier than others... I've tasted them.

I did an extensive search about 5 years ago to find the organic or natural "equivalent" at health food stores/online for my son. There are some good ones out there for a non-allergic person, just not one that fit the bill for my youngster. Maybe there is something out there that could help boost your calories and nutrition that is easy to take.
My hubby like the ones from MetRx (or somethihng like that) that he found at GNC stores.

SarahAnn 02-15-2012 06:11 PM

I actually drink 2 Spiru-tein protein shakes a day. One with breakfast and one with desert. I get them at our local natural food store. I am not "dangerously underweight" but still below what my nutritionist considers healthy. Thanks for your tips :) I am really willing to try anything at this point.
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Cruiser 02-15-2012 06:33 PM

My Aunt has the same thing, she drops a ton of weight and when she finally thinks she found a diet to help stay a health weight she gains a ton of weight, back off the diet and she loses all of it again. medication doesn't help her either.

Have you tried the natural thyroid stuff from the health food store? I know it has worked wonders for my mom and a few other people with hypothyroidism. Can't help you with gaining weight but be careful it is still relatively health even if high calorie, you can still have cholesterol even your thin.

SarahAnn 02-15-2012 06:43 PM

Oh yeah, that's my other issue. Haha I have hyperlipidemia, which means I have genetic high cholesterol. It's in the high 300s. I have to eat TONS on soluble fiber in order to lower my bad cholesterol... And sometimes the in take of fiber works against my weight gaining efforts. Its a constant battle, that's for sure! Thank you for your helpful hints though :)
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