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equestrianfanatic 02-19-2012 02:12 PM

Best tack color to match my Chestnut gelding
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I recently got my first horse, Roman, a 16.1 Dutch Warmblood gelding, and I really want to pick a color that would make him stand out on the show jumper ring or on the cross country field. Any imput would be great!

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McuesHiSierra 02-19-2012 02:17 PM

Hi there:) First of all, GORGEOUS horse! Love the coloring, he's beautiful! I can imagine a dark cherry or burgundy on him, or even very deep, dark washed tack would draw some attention! I think the contrast would look great. Good luck!

redape49 02-19-2012 02:52 PM

He is gorgeous! I would also go with a deep burgundy color. Would love to see pics with what you do =)

Rachel1786 02-19-2012 03:40 PM

First color that came to mind for him is aqua blue :)
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SionTheMonster 02-19-2012 07:25 PM

absolutely beautiful boy!!! ♥ i think a nice dark rich hunter green would look nice on him :) or maybe this shade of green:

i also find that baby blue & navy blue look REALLY good on any horse! i had a baby blue saddlepad that looked gorgeous on every horse i rode, and my chestnut paint looks great in his new navy one :)

CLaPorte432 02-19-2012 07:34 PM

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Teal or Turquoise.

amp23 02-19-2012 07:41 PM

I think any shade of blue or green would look good, as well as the deep maroon/burgandy

legyield768 02-19-2012 07:43 PM

Gorgeous horse! I have a gelding is the same color(he's a little darker) and he looks fantastic in a neon green. Also a lavender color, or any blue, especially navy.
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HorsesAreMyPassion 02-19-2012 08:35 PM

I agree with the teal/turquoise! I have 2 chestnuts, similar in colour to your horse and I love this colour on them! The colour I use is called "Caribbean Sea". If you're not really keen on that colour a nice dark hunter green is nice too!

He's a very handsome horse!

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