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Wallaby 02-19-2012 03:53 PM

Cat people ---> your favorite hairball remedy?
My poor baby Booth has always, from what I can tell, had issues with hairballs. In the nearly 2 years I've had him, I've never seen him actually expel a hairball but he coughs and hacks like he needs to throw one up on a near daily basis.

I talked to his vet about it but the vet told me not to worry and just brush him more. Too bad that actually hasn't worked. He's still coughing/gagging all over the place and I feel really bad for him!

I got him some cat grass (which he LOVES) a few weeks ago because it's apparently supposed to help...but it's not helping at all...

What are your favorite, preferably more natural, things to use for hairball relief?
Booth is crazy allergic to fish so anything fish flavored using fish products/fish oil is definitely out. :lol:

Also, other question, when I asked my vet about this and mentioned that I had heard of kitty asthma causing these symptoms, the vet said that Booth's lungs sounded fine (via the stethoscope) and that it was just hairball issues. Is that legit?
I had read previously that you can't decide whether a cat has asthma or not without a variety of tests? Obviously, I'd love it if diagnosing it (or not) was as simple as a stethoscope to the chest but I would also not like to be ripped off by my vet.
This is one of the cheaper, more iffy, vets in town so I'm hesitant to just believe what they say, especially since Booth has literally NEVER coughed up a hairball in his near 2 years of life (he's an indoor-only cat so I would know) but has had this coughing/gagging thing the whole time.

Anyway, thank you for reading all this! :)

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