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ShortyHorse11 02-20-2012 05:20 PM

First Barrel Accident
I had my first barrel accident today. I was working with my guy and we had been doing rail work and figure eights and such for an hour or two and I was getting ready to put him up. He had been doing really well so I decided to let him have some fun and take a spin around the barrels. He did great around the first barrel and came in awesome to the second barrel but on the back side of the second barrel something went wrong. His back legs slipped out from under him to the side and I thought he was going to get himself back up but he must have had to much momentum. His front legs followed and right over sideways we went. He fell on my leg and both my feet were still in the stirrups when he went to get back on his feet. Luckily my foot on the top side came out as he stood up and after he got on his fee I pushed on him with my other foot to keep his feet away from me on the ground. My foot fell out of the stirrup as he moved away. Luckily he just stood there and looked at me on the ground as I was getting up. He didn't seem hurt or anything just shaken a bit. Luckily him falling on my leg didn't hurt to bad and I just walked away with some nasty bruises. I have had spills off horses before but never had one fall on me like that. I am afraid that I am going to become apprehensive about coming into the barrels now as I am afraid of him falling again. Has this happened to anyone and what did you do to get over being apprehensive of another fall? Also do you think it is something I could have done to make him fall?

QHriderKE 02-20-2012 05:30 PM

Was your ground soppy? I would have trotted or walked my pattern first, just to take a look at the ground. Glad you're both okay!

Accidents are an element of the game. It happens in any discipline that has anything to do with speed.

I've had a horse fall on me a couple times now, the first was a gelding I used to have. We were chasing bulls and he stepped into a hole and went end over end on top of me. We both came out of the situation fine. The other time was when I was at a cattle drive riding my 3 year old and she slipped and fell on my one side. Again, we were fine. Accidents like that just make me a little bit more cautious for a few rides, but then I realize that I can't be scared of everything.

DrumRunner 02-20-2012 05:31 PM

I've had quite a few spills but I've never had one land on me around a barrel. The best advice I can give you is to just make sure you get back on and keep working barrels. Don't let yourself be scared of the chance you might fall again, you take that chance every time you get on your horse. He could have just slipped or you both were off balance at the same time..There isn't really a definite cause without having it on video.. Just shake it off and get back on.

SorrelHorse 02-20-2012 06:40 PM

I have had a horse land on me before. I don't think you want to hear the long details, but it took a long time to get over. I have a very, very aggressive trainer who really got after me to make me an aggressive rider again and to get rid of that fear.

1RedHorse 02-20-2012 06:44 PM

its happened to me as well.

Accidents happen but itll be ok :)

Heck...I fell off my 2 year old yesterday...he took off bucking while I was getting on LOL. Thats why Ive been on here all day...Im home from work on pain meds.

hjracer 02-20-2012 08:25 PM

I have had horses fall on me twice, once on barrels and once on poles. I have seen several people whose horses have fallen while barrel racing. I doubt it was your fault, sometimes accidents just happen. Just make sure you get back to barrel racing as soon as possible! For me, once I knew that both my horse and I were okay, I got back on and competed in the next pole class later that day. At first, you may be more nervous than usual, but if you don't get back on and face your fear it will just get harder with time. Good Luck!

ShortyHorse11 02-20-2012 08:42 PM

Thanks for all the kind words. I didn't get right back on after it happened but not because i was afraid. More just because my horse was shaken up and so was I. I am not afraid to get back on and run just may be taking the turns a little slower and wider until I am completely confident again. :)
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BarrelRacer23 02-20-2012 09:32 PM

My old mare fell with me once at a show, turning the 2nd barrel. Luckily not on my leg, and it was a pretty graceful fall. She leans bad while turning, ground just gave out that time. Got up, walked out with her after her being caught. Later that day I ran again, didn't let myself think about it and got in the 3D. My mom always pushed me through my fears when I was little, now I do it on my own.
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xEquestrianx 02-20-2012 11:06 PM

Ahh I'm pretty sure that's the scariest when they fall on you.. Luckily I've come out of those ok so far..
Accidents are part of the game with horses.

sierrams1123 02-21-2012 01:47 AM

brush it off
laugh it off
then ride it off

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