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lizzy12312 02-21-2012 04:20 PM

spooky horse
I am training a horse and she is kind of skiddish, any ideas to help that ?

PerchiesKisses 02-21-2012 04:26 PM

start with ground work... build up her trust - and respect - and then start introducing her to "scary things" using pressure and release.

The important thing is to start with the basics and make sure you have a solid foundation.

Evansk 02-21-2012 04:28 PM

Desensitize Desensitize Desensitize Desensitize lol groundwork as the other poster said. Gotta make the world less scary for her. :)

annaleah 02-21-2012 04:57 PM

i agree...desentitizing her will do a world of wonder for her..but make sure you build trust with her on the ground first...good luck!

mls 02-21-2012 05:19 PM


Originally Posted by lizzy12312 (Post 1371747)
soo i am training a horse and she is kinna skiddish any ideas to help that ?

The most beneficial help will happen if we know how you define skiddish. Spooking at noise? Spinning at a dark corner? Leaping forward when you apply your leg?

lizzy12312 02-21-2012 09:13 PM

Well she gets scared at quick movements for example today someone grabed tha saddle off the fence and that sent her into a complete frenzy. They weren't even trying to mess with her just was gunna put it up. She is still kinda young and we are doing lots and lots of ground work, she is around 5 or 6 she is very willing to learn over all a good horse

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