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Prinella 02-23-2012 04:33 PM

One great ride one horrid ride
Its often pointed out to me that princess is one of the Best behaves horses on the property, a dream to handle even puts her little herd into their correct feed pens. Shes normally a wonderful ride we've been working hard on our relaxation and having her trust my hands. This means lots of dressage.

Decided I'd have an easy jumping session Tuesday mostly about 40cm. She was FERAL canter apparently meant bolt and getting her to slow down was awful as she came back to trot she'd completely lock up and jar as she came back to trot. All I was asking her was to trot/canter over the jump then come back to halt slowly. Am chalking it up to her being completely off her chops, in season oh and a red headed mare!

There are 3 people that are ever allowed in ellas yard because if shes let to get away with anything it builds until she becomes dangerous. We've managed to build up the respect between the two of us that she rarely tries anything and when she does soon regrets it. Hence best and worst behaved horses on the property.

Ella on the other hand was beautiful to work with. Only did about 20 mins ground work first lots of cantering and jumping (she's still very very green about 8 rides) groundwork went lovely then got on she's been pulling some faces when asked to go tried a new tact and shoved my legs forward and made her go. Ahha no more faces. We managed to maintain trot for 2 laps of the arena with no faces and maintaining a steady speed.

Had my wisdom teeth out yesterday and so annoyed I couldn't fix Prin.

Think next time I ride her will go back to walking over cross bar then trotting then cantering all with the halt after.
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Montesque 12-30-2014 10:29 AM

My pony throws fits if we do one thing all the time. For example if I ride bareback for a while, he will suddenly decide the saddle is a very scary object and bolt when I get in it. Groundwork is always the worst he fights me every second I'm in the saddle. But for us this is normal and we have been working on varying our routine more often. Sounds like your mare might have the same attitude as my pony.

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