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my2geldings 07-13-2008 05:59 PM

Website dedicated to your horse
Hey folks
I am wanting to make a website for one of my horses. Like an online journal just for him. I have found but doesnt work well with my Mac computer. I have seen many other free websites that can be used but wanted to know if any of you have a website just for your horse?

I think the idea would be fun. Any of you have one for your horse?

PaintsAqha 07-19-2008 11:13 PM

ArticMyst 07-19-2008 11:35 PM

Its part of my boyfriends site, but its going to be seperate from it. I'm still in the process of changing it. Right now it looks like the rest of the site..;) I will be doing one for mocha as well...:D

For a free site you can try

Parker Horse Ranch 07-20-2008 12:07 AM

you can go to it totally free go to and I have more than one page but I have this page for just luke and here my website

my2geldings 07-21-2008 05:27 PM

Oh ok, thank you :) those are really good sites actually. Appreciate the links :)

Parker Horse Ranch 07-23-2008 01:07 AM

Your welcome and tell me when you get your website update.

Jubilee Rose 07-23-2008 01:42 PM

I use piczo. Here is my site:

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