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smilin1590 02-24-2012 12:04 PM


sillyhorses 02-24-2012 02:49 PM

Beautiful horse! First thing I noticed was that you gave your horse a pat before getting started, which was nice to see :D

As far as riding is concerned, I do think that you (and your horse) could be benefitted by you working on your seat. You were bouncing quite a bit throughout the trot work and I definitely could see where you were tensing up to hold yourself together. It looked like you were anticipating the horse's motion... I know it is difficult to master a sitting trot, especially on a horse that has a lofty trot! This (may have) resulted in your hands and arms tensing up, which I also noticed. It looked like you were attempting to follow your horse with your hands, but your arms were stiff which resulted in your hands bouncing on your horse's mouth quite a bit (I noticed a few lazy attempts by your horse to alleviate this by a flip of the nose). It wasn't awful, though! It just looked like you were maybe assuming the horse's body would be at "x" point, instead of actually relaxing and feeling for it... which, again, is definitely attributable to being nervous!

Overall though, you two painted a beautiful picture and your seat did look better towards the end of the ride (perhaps you had relaxed a bit?)!

Allison Finch 02-24-2012 03:43 PM

Not bad at all!!!

There were some definite places where you lost some points, though. You need to stick those halts!! You never settled at the first halt/salute and snuck forward quickly. This doesn't fool the judge, sadly. On the halt before the rein back, you need to be immobile at least 4 seconds. Again, you moved back too quickly.

The second set of 10 meter half circles, the horse drifted badly at the bend transition.

It is hard to tell, but the second canter half pass was lacking correct bend and the horse seemed a bit resistant.

The first turn on the haunch was a miss and the second, after a big resistance (Pirouette misunderstanding?) he got some of it.

The canter had some obvious resistance issues.

never established a good 4 beat free walk.

Pretty crooked at trot on centerline.

One thing that does bug me, and is really hard to fix, the horse has learned to dive behind the vertical. I see this a lot in horses being ridden LDR too early in training or having some rollkur used unwisely. I don't know your horse or training, But I would like to see him on, or even a little ahead of the vertical instead of behind. This is really hard to correct, once set. While you are working to settle him more in the bridle (He's fussy) hopefully you can encourage him quit diving.

Now that I have been really nitpicky, I will say you two have definite possibilities and look like you will be a really nice team! Lovely horse, nice rider. Good job!

BTW, anyone who hasn't tried to sit an extended trot may not know just how hard that might be ;)

caseymyhorserocks 02-24-2012 03:53 PM

First of all, your horse is beautiful! There was really only two things I saw, and they are pretty big hard things to achieve with horses.

Agreed with posters above. When you were sitting, your body was a bit tense, meaning your arms were tense, which led to your hands "gripping" the reins and pulling on your horses mouth a little bit, and I also saw that as a result of this, your horse was quite tense in his neck. He/she was holding it up high and arched and tense, but wasn't quite truly on the bit.. So, I would try RELAXING! Just let your body AND reins go loose, and really use only your seat and legs to stay on, dont tense up your upper body, and just do this for 5 minutes when you ride each day, and gradually start doing it more, and if you feel yourself clamping up, take it down a notch. You do a good job following with your seat, you just need to figure out how to follow with your upper body.

Another reason why your horse's neck was arched and their head was behind the vertical, but not on the bit was that your reins were a bit tight, and I feel like your horse will be a lot more swingy and collected with his/her movements if you loosened up yourself and your reins! Teach your horse to round himself with very minimal rein contact, basically right now you and your horse are relying on your reins for your horse to round, whereas you want to use a lot of your body also. The biggest thing I saw with the reins was at the canter. The walk and the canter have a lot of movement with the head, and your horse needs a little looser reins and following hands. The horse was struggling to canter with your tight grip on the reins there, so loosen up and follow some more. I also saw your hands were going up and down, so try to keep them in one place..

Oh and, LOOK UP!! :-) Overall great test, just a few little things to work on.

DuffyDuck 02-24-2012 04:52 PM

Grr can't watch it as the music content is not available in Germany :'(

Skyseternalangel 02-24-2012 05:09 PM

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I applaud you and hold so much respect for you for having the guts to go out there and ride that test and keep going through it beautifully.

I agree with Allison_Finch in that the reins could have been a little longer, and you should drive the horse into the bridle.. not hold him. You dd so well though, just try to relax and sink down into your seat :)

Everyone else has already covered everything except I did notice on turns, there wasn't always a bend, try to keep a little weight to your outside seatbone and don't lean into the turn. Keep upright but supple.

smilin1590 02-24-2012 05:37 PM

Thanks for the immediate responses. Unfortunately this is not me, nor my horse. This is a dressage trainer I'm looking into training with. I wanted to see what everyone thought about her riding style, because I can only make assumptions that this can somewhat reflect teaching style. Could I be wrong about this? I thought the trot was really tense and bouncy but I liked most everything else about it. Now that you know that I'm looking to use her as trainer, any other advice?

Allison Finch 02-24-2012 05:54 PM

OK, that is really hard to judge. First, we don't know what training the horse has had. Is he really green and this was the first time at third-3? Does he have the trot from hell? Is he overcoming issues he came to her with?

It is much easier to offer critique thinking a rider has been with a horse through lessons and time, than to offer a critique not knowing the whole story.

sillyhorses 02-24-2012 06:34 PM

Also... I thought somewhere in the forum there is a rule against posting images/video of other people for "critique" purposes, in part for the reasons Allison Finch has questioned. This individual is unable to explain their situation and what was happening surrounding the ride.

Skyseternalangel 02-24-2012 07:12 PM

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Originally Posted by smilin1590 (Post 1376993)
Now that you know that I'm looking to use her as trainer, any other advice?

Every rider is still learning, and Allison_Finch is right again in that you cannot just judge a pair without knowing the history unless you are of course a Dressage Judge as that is your job.

The important thing when looking for a coach is how well they teach, and how well you understand. Once you find THAT, then you can start considering "will they take me far" if you're looking into showing as a career or whatnot.

Just in future.. do not post other people's videos unless you have their permission.

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