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Golden Horse 02-25-2012 03:31 PM

Fuller Fillies Huggy soft leather half chaps
I bought these half chaps from Tackanory in the UK. I had originally intended to buy long boots, but after chatting with the nice people at Tackanory we decided I'd be better off with the new XW huggy.

First the service was great, they cost me around $76 and I paid on 15th Feb and they got here yesterday, actually quicker than getting stuff from the States.

At first sight they looked great and certainly they feel good. When I went to try them on at first I couldn't even get the zip started, and was getting frustrated, but once I did them back up then pulled them on they want on easily, I have been wearing them in the house here and they are comfortable and shape to my horrible legs nicely.

So far so good, they are so soft and fine that I'm a little scared that they will get damaged easily, but I have seen long term reports that they do OK.

The only slight disappointment, is that Fuller Fillies do not yet offer their Ali Gator, which gives you much more of a long boot look, in the extra wide option.

Fellpony 02-25-2012 04:03 PM

I have got both the suede and the leather chaps from fuller fillies but I always wear the suede ones.

So let me know how these leather one wear, Mine are still in the packet, they were a present off my daughter.

IslandWB 03-02-2012 12:48 PM

I also have the huggy half chaps, I have the leather ones, and I love them. They did bleed a bit when I wore them the first while so don't use with a white saddle pad the first few times. But mine are almost 2 yrs old now and still in great shape, a little worn on the insides but still lots of life left in them.

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