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PeytonM 02-26-2012 09:40 PM

What you look for in a trailer
ok title says it all I want to know what you look for in a trailer. everything from a small straight load to a big goose neck with living.

CLaPorte432 02-26-2012 10:03 PM

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We purchased a new trailer in December. What I was looking for (and ultimately my mother because I put the "picture" into her head, lol) A 3 place, slant load, enclosed bumperpull. Tack room/dressing room so we don't have to load and unload everything during show season. Rubber mats, and good reviews.

I found everything that I was looking for in the Titan Avalanche II. It's completely enclosed, but has plexiglass on the buttside of the trailer that we can take out for more air circulation. It looks nice. Hauls beautifully. Tack room locks. Has lights inside the trailer and in the tack/dressing room.

We have 3 horses and were looking to upgrade into something nicer than our old 4 place stock trailer.

Ontop of how much I like my trailer, the service that we received was just incredible.

goneriding 02-27-2012 06:14 AM

Are you looking to buy?

PeytonM 02-27-2012 10:16 AM

yeah in time... right now. no.... I'm going to school for welding and have a handy man side so I was thinking about just building one.

Lockwood 02-27-2012 10:42 AM

Hmmm. Well I have two trailers and other farm animals here besides horses. During my hunt I looked at ones that were good for horses, of course, but also what else can this trailer do for me. If Iím going to invest in a large piece of equipment, I want something that will multi-task.

Although I prefer a slant load, I donít own one yet. I have a straight load two horse and a 16í stock with divider.

In a two horse trailer I prefer a ramp on the back for the horse to back down. I also like one that has top flaps that can be secured open or closed/taken on/off for weather differences. I like one with a man door at the front, good sized windows also on the front for the horseĎs comfort, and windows on the side. Not enough light or visibility can make a trailer feel more claustrophobic and I have seem some horses more bothered by this than others.

I like a removable divider that doesnít take an army to take in and out. High quality rubber mats on top of high quality floors, and a rubber coating on the lower inside walls. I also like one that has been properly sealed on the under carriage.

While having a tack area or dressing room up front separated from the horses is nice I donít think it should take away from the room or comfort for the horses in order to achieve that.

I donít think you are looking for a stock, so I wonít go over that other than to say my stock has doubled as an everything trailer. Hay hauling, equipment hauling, you name it I have hauled it in the stock.

Something I personally feel that is important is how a trailer hauls and that the person hauling the trailer uses an appropriate vehicle to haul. I have hauled many types of trailers and find some to be very squirrelly and completely irritating and others to feel like butter going down the road, even though I had the same appropriate vehicle for them. If a person is hauling things other than horses, how the trailer has been loaded does make a difference too, but like cars of even the same model, small differences can affect the handling or hauling ability and a squirrelly trailer is just a squirrelly trailer no matter what is inside.

Knick knacks, hangers, water holder, saddle racks,Öare all personal preference and as long as a trailer safely contains the horses/animals first, I can modify those things to my preference.

Joe4d 02-27-2012 11:14 AM

I think many people get into bumper pulls not so much because of their needs , but more because of the fear of the unknown.
Goosenecks are so much better, easier to tow, easier to turn. More room for the same weight.
Bumper pulls are more versatile and can be pulled with SUV's and Vans. They are also available pretty lightweight.
What I looked for in a trailer was Aluminum, no rust less weight.
2 horse, slant load.(I only got one)
Goose neck with sleeping area, Not living qtrs just a carpeted tack room, matress goes on the gooseneck, portable AC gets hose hung out the window, propane heater for the winter. I cook out side on a table grill, under an awning. I have a small camp 1.8k generator that runs the george foreman grill, and a coffee maker,
NO bend over tack storage. My last bumper pull had under manger tack storage with side doors. I hated it with a passion. Was murder on my back. Have to bend over reach in pick up this heavy saddle and pull it out.
The slant load gives me that rear corner tack area with my saddle 6 foot off the ground, no bending and stretching. In the back of that corner I just ordered the triangle 6 foot high water tank. Empty weight on my trailer is 3400lbs. I figure 1000 lbs of stuff and 1000lbs of horse, and even on trips I can add another 1000 lbs and be well under my trucks 11k rating.

BarrelRacingLvr 02-27-2012 08:41 PM

This is what I look for.....

at least a 4H
Slant Load
8ft Wide
Hay Rack
Electric Jack

We live in our trailer Spring-Fall so I need it to be comfy for both horse and person. Plus with the Mangers come storage so we put all of our boots, vet supplies, water hoses, electrical cords, ect. I also don't care if it is Steel or Aluminum framed as we have had both and are current trailer is Steel framed.

equiniphile 02-27-2012 08:43 PM

When I was looking for mine, I wanted a 2-horse bumper pull, preferably aluminum, with a 7' or 7'6" tall celining and wide enough stalls for my draft.

PeytonM 02-28-2012 11:10 PM

Well It would have to haul 2 draft type horses one is 18 h and other is 17.2h. I'd like all their tack(harnesses ect) do fit in there I'd have a goose neck also. Just cause of how it places weight on the truck it would also be on a newer powerstroke. Or a 97 f350 with a powerstroke. I've hauled alot of stuff. I drive semi so I know what a nice trailer feels like and a total pos is like...

COWCHICK77 02-28-2012 11:24 PM

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We look at the welds that hold it together and the gauge of metal used for the walls. I really don't want something that a horse is going to swat a fly and kick the side out.

The size of axles. I want some heavy straight axles that can carry a heavy load. (like 8 lugs on a wheel is a good indication and tire wear)

A good floor with good solid cross members.

Those are the things I would rather have over any add-on, at least you know you know you could make it to where you're headed!

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