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RebelCowgirl 02-27-2012 11:22 AM

What is your fav bloodline and why?
Sooo I have to do this project for my Equine Studies course and I chose to learn more about horse bloodlines! Soo I would like to know what your favourite barrel bloodline, reining bloodline, cowhorse bloodline is!!! If you could get back to me right away that would be great :D

DrumRunner 02-27-2012 02:30 PM

I personally like to have a mix of a cow or reining bred horse and a running bred horse..if we have to seperate it out though for running I'd have to say Frenchman horses, Sun Frost horses, and Top Deck or Nonstop horses....Reining would be Reminic or Hollywood Horses..and Cow horses would be Doc Bar horses, Highbrow horses, and Pepto horses..

My ideal horse is a mix of those horses.. I like the mix of running and cow because those horses do have all of the running ability but they also have all of the hind end ability for rate, stopping, turning, and other abilities that will mesh will with a running bred horse and create the ideal machine for me..

This is my little crew..
Nikki -

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