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newhorsemom 02-27-2012 12:54 PM

When hauling do you tie your horses?
Why or why not?

We have always tied our horses but I keep hearing from people that they think it's safer to haul with the horses untied. Our horse hauls great, but I want to be as safe as possible if and when there is ever any incidence in the trailer.

cakemom 02-27-2012 12:55 PM

I pull the lead line through the loop to keep it from falling on the floor but don't tie it.
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MHFoundation Quarters 02-27-2012 12:58 PM

I do the same as cakemom in my slant, in the bp, I don't even leave ropes on them.

lilruffian 02-27-2012 12:59 PM

Depends on the trailer and the horse. With my 2 horse i don't tie unless i have only one horse in and the divider removed.
Usually i tie otherwise. It keeps the horse from moving around alot, which is safer for hauling and is helpful if you have more than one inside at a time. Also, if you don't have a divider, it keeps the horse up front instead of wandering to the back and offsetting the load.

MacabreMikolaj 02-27-2012 01:04 PM

I have a 7' tall 2 horse trailer and if I'm hauling a horse alone, I usually don't tie them. They pick where they want to stand (almost always facing backwards) and stand quietly for the rest of the trip. Of course, I always tie if we have 2 horses (no divider).

Joe4d 02-27-2012 01:07 PM

I quit tying. I just didnt see the point in it. I had a bumper pull that had a manger the horses chest was close to the manger and the but bar was across his butt. Where is he gonna go ?
I now have a slant load, with dividers so still dont tie, but I do like cakemom, my horse goes into the first slot, I close the cut gate, and put the lead line through a loop in the second stall since it is a handy place to hang it, unloading I go in back of trailer, get the lead line wich is long enough to reach outside trailer, open cut gate on the way, get out of trailer and shake the lead line, he backs out.
When hauling two horses I open the drop down window and just take the lead line off, but with a wall to the front and both sides and rear, I dotn see the point of tying.

SorrelHorse 02-27-2012 01:11 PM

I have a horse who will duck under the divider, get stuck, and panick. She also is a dipstick and likes to pull back, hard. I tie her with a quick release bungee. When I get her out of the trailer, I just release her from the door, open up the back and let her get herself out because me and my mom have both been slammed into the trailer too many times to take that risk again.

I tie if I'm hauling multiple horses. Our older horses will just hang out wherever you put them quietly, but Ruger fidgets and moves around a lot to see behind him but he's too heavy to be hauled in the back-back, so he gets a quick release bungee too.

For me it depends highly on the horse and the trailer.

Corporal 02-27-2012 01:12 PM

Trailer designers have "standing stalls" in the trailer for good reason. Your horse doesn't know when you are starting, stopping or turning, slowing down or speeding up. He has to adjust to all of these when in the trailer. It's difficult for him to balance if he is allowed to put his head down, or move around which he might do when in transport bc he does this when in his stall--what's the difference to HIM? ANY animal, like your dog, will move around during transport if they have the room. (Have you ever had your dog, who is sitting on a car's seat, thrown forward to the floor bc you had to stop suddenly?) IMO they are more likely to get hurt if loose.
My horses KNOW that I expect them to stand in their spot tied to the trailer tie. It's loose enough to keep them from getting a stiff neck. Mine could hurt themselves if their head gets caught underneath the divider. I've already taken the front divider out to give my big gelding more width, but I still tie him.

farmpony84 02-27-2012 01:16 PM

I never tied in my 2 horse bumper pull because it was so small that if I were to open the door for any reason w/out having untied him he'd have been able to step out and then that would have been a mess.

I do tie in my slant because I want him in place while I latch the door so it doesn't swing back and then I can lead him out but I don't use the trailer ties because I think they are too short and I don't like the clip system. I do a leadline w/ a quick release.

CLaPorte432 02-27-2012 01:17 PM

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I'm curious about this as well. We just bought a 3 horse slant and I have been debating on what is safer to tie, or not to tie.

A few weeks ago, a girl was driving to a show, hit black ice, the trailer came undone from the truck, and flipped over. The horse inside was uninjured except a few stitches and soreness. The owner's fully believe that the reason she survived was because she was untied.

I'm worried about my horses trying to "duck" underneath the divider if they aren't tied. So I've been debating on what to do.

I'm curious to hear more answers.

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