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poultrygirl 02-27-2012 04:00 PM

How do you know it's time to have the Chiro out?
I got my mare a year ago. Rode her a lot, in my ignorance, in the western saddle I had. I really dont know how well it fit her.

Around june, she started developing little pea sized "bumps" on her back. I had both a trainer and a my vet (who does horses, but isnt exclusively an equine vet) look at her. Trainer said lice. So I roached her mane off, and dusted her. They didnt go away. The vet said it was fungal--akin to rain rot, from the cold-wet-cold-wet sort of winter we had. He said betadine. I used it faithfully, and yet all summer, her bumps never went away. I couldn't find any literature or information of anything similiar on another horse.
They obviously were very sore, so I didnt ride her.

Now, they've been gne all winter. If you touch one side of her back, near the shoulder, she gets..."twitchy" though, even though i cant feel any heat/sores/bumps. Prior to last summer, and her bumps, she started trying to bite me when i cinched up. She still tries, but not as adamently.

Today, I approached her with a saddle, just to set it on her to check fit...and as she saw me coming with it, she literally, her whole back twitched and did that shiver thing.

So, anyone have a guess? Is it time to see a chiro? How do you know? Im so afraid, that last spring, in my ignorance i hurt her. We dont have a local equine chiro (the most isolated, worthless small town ever) , but theres a large animal vet 50 miles away that also practices chiropractics and i might be able to pay him to come up.

waresbear 02-27-2012 11:57 PM

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Well I would certainly call the chiropractor. Every spring I have mine out to check over both horses, sometimes she has to do a major adjustment, sometimes only a small one. I always see an improvement after a major adjustment, I can see a difference immediately in how a horse walks. My chiro makes me feel what she is adjusting & then feel after the adjustment, then she explains things. Money I feel well spent. I would recommend the same for your horse.

loveduffy 02-28-2012 12:03 AM

chiro could not hurt but it could be dry skin from the baths they are book about some scratches you could do to help her back

Tnavas 02-28-2012 03:16 AM

My mare has just hasd the chiro out - she had a disagreement with her stable gate a couple of weeks ago and I found that when I lunge her she was hangin on my left hand and didn't seem so keen to work.

He came out yesterday and said that she did indeed have some sore muscles and her neck was out. He spent some time on her and wow what a difference. I linged her in the afternoon and she was active and soft and even offored canter on both reins. It's been hard to convince her to keep moving in trot the past couple of weeks.

What you are describing is often known as the 'Fly twitch reaction' and usually indicates that the wither is out of alignment. I think that a visit by the chiro wouold be a great idea.

Casey02 02-28-2012 07:01 PM

Im thinking if your horse is that scared of the saddle and tries to bit you when you put it on then it doesn not fit her. Its amazing what a proper fitting saddle can do to a horse, and probably a good idea to call the chrio out! Think of it as a learning experience and find a new saddle ;)

COWCHICK77 02-28-2012 07:09 PM

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My chiro will come out for an exam and charge considerably less than if he came out and did an adjustment. So he can tell me if they truly need an adjustment or if there is something else going on. I find this invaluable.

There have been times with horses that he said there must be lameness issues going on sent me to the vet, because if there is lameness and the horse in compensating to protect the pain he will be "out" and stay that way until the root problem is solved.
Not sure if this fits your situation but getting an honest chiro is to your advantage and money well spent in my opinion.

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