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horsejumper123 07-14-2008 06:26 PM

making jumps
I really want to teach my mare how to jump. I have read enough to know how to do it. And this girl is going to make me a video on how to do it. So please no one say anything about a trainer lol.
But how can you make them?
I was planning on using wood around our woods. Will that work? I would use them for lots of things. Ground poles, calvellets (sp) etc.. Plus i think they will look very nice. and i can get my dad to cut down the dead trees we dont want out there to use as higher jumps.
But if i put smaller logs on two hay or straw bails would that work too?
are there any other different ways you could to it?
Also we have a barn that we are going to change into a riding area so i can ride her during the winter. How tall does it have to be to practice jumps. Most likely only 2 feet.

Stella_8800_ 07-15-2008 06:16 PM

Rinding in the winter.
You can totally ride your horse in the winter. A lot of people think it's bad but infact, lots of horses like the cold VS hot. Just make sure you warm your mare up by doing some walking and trotting around before jumping. They tend to get stiff in the winter so this is important. Have fun!!! :D

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