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TKButtermilk 02-27-2012 11:29 PM

Vehicle Shopping RANT
I hate it! I had an amazing 2000 civic that recently kicked the bucket (tragedy, I've cried multiple times) & so the truck shopping was on. Problem is, I had a very small budget. My moms fiancÚ offered to loan me the money to buy something and I'd just make payments. Fine. But that meant he wanted a say, which is also fine. Okay so I wanted a small truck, with decent gas mileage. We looked at quite a few but nothing worth while in our price range so we moved Onto 4 runners, SUVs and some cars. I knew high mileage came with the territory for my money and what I wanted but 150k seemed high enough and I made it very clear I didn't want anything too high. So today I get a text saying "pathfinder great deal gonna jump on it unless you say" so I asked a few questions about looks, engine but I was working and it was all of 3 texts. So I come home to a 87 Pathfinder, ew, but okay I'll just pretend it's a mini bronco. How many miles does it have? 200k! UGH are you kidding me ?!?!? & it's a stick, which I also didn't want and need to learn how to drive. so I'm mad. Slowly calm down, & go for a Test drive, hard to gauge anything other than its smooth and in great condition for being older than I am. Asked about how much it gets per gallon because gas is almost $4.50 right now and he said atleast 20. Come to find out it gets more like 15 on a good day. Are you kidding me! No one checked that! I trusted them to find me something decent and I get an ancient suv thing with mediocre gas mileage and insane miles. Wow guys, thanks. I could've gotten one of the F250's I liked if I was gonna get that gas mileage. Great.

*note: yes, I'm being a brat. I know this. I am lucky to have Scott to help with the initial buying so I didn't have to get a loan. I am paying back every cent, this is not a gift. But my only 2 things were not INSANE miles ( pref under 170 ) and decent gas mileage.
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tinyliny 02-27-2012 11:37 PM

Sucky about the gas mileage, but the stick thing you will learn to love. It can be a bugger is you do a lot of stop and go drivng, but in other ways, stick allows you a lot of control, and usually sticks get better mileage. Being with 200k miles depends if that is 200k mostly freeway miles or 200k mostly around town miles. AND, stick cars of older models are often easier to work on and mechanically maintain.

However, that they bought this car, without your say so, when you are going to be paying them for it is not so very cool. perhaps you can insist that if you go to sell it, that they will buy it from you, since they think it's sucha great deal.

waresbear 02-27-2012 11:43 PM

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Well it's wheels & you should really learn to drive standard anyways. Better than walking or bugging everyone for rides.

loveduffy 02-27-2012 11:47 PM

sticks get better gas miles and some boy think it is really cool that a girl could drive a stick

TKButtermilk 02-28-2012 12:05 AM

I agree, it is wheels. I am very thankful for it. I had a car to drive but my own is nice. I'm okay with stick, but it it was going to be something I wasnt thrilled about I really would've preferred for it to be an automatic. I have a thing about being in control & i have an irrational worry that something will happen (in this case hurting my left foot or right hand) & not being able to leave. This is also why I hardly ever drink and will never do drugs. Must be in some form of control!

I did technically give him the go ahead, but I thought it was an automatic and that it had WAY less miles. This doesn't seem like a good deal to me. Yes, the body is perfect and interior is in great shape but it has so many miles! My civic was amazing looking but it still stopped accelerating on me in an intersection repeatedly & we never did figure out why it wouldn't start eventually. In the end it's my money and it's really unfortunate I trusted them to pick what it was unfortunately.

* for anyone who doesn't know me I'm 19, (not the spoiled 16 year old I'm sounding like right now...) fully support myself and 2 horses. I'm very thankful for how lucky I am, but dang sometimes things set me off!
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TKButtermilk 02-28-2012 12:06 AM


Originally Posted by loveduffy (Post 1382164)
sticks get better gas miles and some boy think it is really cool that a girl could drive a stick

Boys are overrated. But Id have to hope a relatively good one would respect my future stick driving ability.
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waresbear 02-28-2012 12:09 AM

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I agree with you about the miles & gas mileage & the year too! But I still think you should learn to drive a standard, everyone should know how. So, what are going to do?

tinyliny 02-28-2012 12:28 AM

Why did you not try to fix the Honda? and , if it's ok to ask this, how much did you pay for the truck?

my Subaru is 12 years old and has 167,000 miles on it. I have had to do this and that in repairs, and it may be that the time will come when it's not worth it, but for the time being, I cannot buy as nice a car for the money as I have , even with repairs. If the next repair bill is adoozy, like over 2k, I would think about whether to repair or to buy.

TKButtermilk 02-28-2012 12:39 AM

Honda had 195k on it, was a radiator murderer so that was leaking again, had an oil leak, needed 4 new tires & a new catalytic converter. It randomly stopped accelerating on me and wouldn't start, towed it to a shop & they tried everything. Finally replaced spark plugs and tada! Worked. A few weeks later quit accelerating AGAIN this time in an intersection but started after. After that I didn't drive it for 2 weeks and then only to work. It did it once more, & that was it no more driving. My mom wanted to STUPIDLY drive it to San Diego(about 45 minutes away and down an insane freeway, I hadn't taken it on the freeway since the first non acceleration incident because it's plain unsafe) & that morning it wouldn't start for her to take it. I told her it was the car saving her life and she better listen. It started right up a few hours later when we were waiting on a tow truck to take it to a nearby shop, haha. So they replaced the fuel pump, ignition module and multiple other things, put hundreds of dollars into it and it STILL wouldn't start. We decided to cut our loses and not fix it when it was gonna be another 800 on top of that for a new cat, atleast 300 for new tires, not to mention the radiator and the oil leak. It also needed a new hood. Before this I had put hundreds of dollars into maintenance for the dumb thing. Enough was enough & I needed something reliable
But I loved that car! It was zippy and cute and incredibly fun to drive. Im still in grieving.
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tinyliny 02-28-2012 02:17 AM

That's no fun, to lose power in the middle of an intersection.
My subaru is a big slug, but it is really amazingly reliable. it always starts, always goes. I've had repairs, but it has never broken down under me. love it!

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