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BlueSpark 02-29-2012 10:58 AM

Halter Breaking a Virtually Untouched Clydesdale Stallion
I recently went to an auction with the intention of buying some tack. I saw a gorgeous stallion standing quietly in a coral, next to another extremely rowdy stallion. but not only did I not need another horse, I definately did not need a stallion! I was pretty sure, as gorgeous as he was that he would get a home. However, he did not. We watched him sell to the meat buyer.

Half way home we just could not forget the big stallion, standing quietly in the kill pen amid all the chaos, so we called the meat buyer and he came home. This is all the history I have:

He is 4, between 17 and 18hh. He apparently originaly came from budweiser stock, but his markings are wrong. He was sold to a local guy when he was a foal and put out to pasture. This guys neighbor says his horses are rarely worked with, trimmed or halter broke. At some point his owner decided to sell him, so he tried to turn him into a saddle bronc, which must have failed, because he was sold for meat.
He is quiet, very afraid of people. Super respectful of other creatures, he has not even concidered showing any agression at all. The mini gelding managed to sneak into the stallion coral and the barn owner ran over, afraid he would be hurt. They were grooming each other, even though the mini could only reach his knees:lol: In fact we have to keep the mini out of the corral, because he will chase the stallion away from his hay.

He will be gelded once We can handle him a bit, I dont want to have a horse with complications from surgery I cant treat. He follows me very where, I can stand a few feet away, I just cant touch him yet.

Has any one ever tried working with an unhandled horse this large? I have halter broke adult horses, worked with several stallions, and ridden, driven and trained drafts, just never quite this combination. Here is Romeo:

annaleah 02-29-2012 11:09 AM

I willl be the first to say wow!!! what a gorgeous boy you have!! congrats! i really have no experience handling stallions..but I have handled horses that were afraid of people and my advice is patience...and lots of it...just give him time..if he is following you won't be long before he will let you touch him...but don't push him into it...let him come to you...good luck with him...I'm jealous!!

Kayella 02-29-2012 11:44 AM

Sit outside the pasture fence, or outside his stall, and read a book or do something quietly that doesn't pin your attention on him. They get really curious, and will eventually come over to see what you're doing. I would sit on cinder blocks in the middle of my goat's pen, and just read. They'd eventually come over and start nibbling on my book! :lol:

mystykat 02-29-2012 11:48 AM

Wow he is gorgeous.......... <3
Good luck with him, I have no good suggestions for you.

Clayton Taffy 02-29-2012 12:01 PM

I would try some round pen work. I like and have had good luck with John Lyons teachings. Good luck he will make a wonderful gelding.
He is something that will be worth all the time and trouble that you will need.

Saddlebag 02-29-2012 12:02 PM

If he's never experienced a halter then just show it to him, rub it on his neck and chest, all over, then walk away. Don't bother with his head just yet. If he's not bothered by the rubbing then gently rub his face with it. He may not react at all. If not, slip a rope around his neck and work it up behind his ears. Apply a little downward pressure and release as soon as he moves his head downward, even if only an inch. Little inches add up. Just keep working on this with the occasional treat for a reward. Use the word "down" each time. You need for him to learn this so he'll drop his head when you wish to halter him.

franknbeans 02-29-2012 12:11 PM

He is GORGEOUS! I would have done the same thing. Slowly with lots of patience is the best path, and I will bet you will have a wonderful horse before long at all. My Clyde cross has always been everyones favorite. THey truly are gentle giants.

Cacowgirl 02-29-2012 12:13 PM

Wow-he's gorgeous! He has been transported-so he has had a halter on,right? Take your time,be patient & I'll bet you;ll be rewarded many times over. So glad you rescued him-it would be a shame for him to go into a can. I would definetely geld as soon as possible, though, once you can lunge him so he can get his necessary exercise & heal properly. Wishing both of you the best.

Clayton Taffy 02-29-2012 12:17 PM

I am coveting my Alberta neighbors goods. I want him!

Eolith 02-29-2012 12:17 PM

Sounds like you might as well be working with a BLM mustang (though it may actually be a little harder because he's likely had previous experience with humans, just not much or very good experience). Anyway, I would advise researching some of the methods people use with an ungentled mustang.

I specifically like Kitty Lauman's method, and used some of her concepts to gentle my yearling mustang: |

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