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horseygall220 03-17-2007 03:19 PM

Quarter horse lovers answer me
I know that they call Quarter horses Their name because they used to race a quarter mile but...Why did they race them only a quarter mile? :?

HorsieLuver 03-19-2007 09:27 PM

I'm pretty sure that the reason why they didn't race them farther is because the quarter horses have the short, sprinter muscles which allows them to acheive quick bursts of speed but they can't keep going that speed much farther then I quarter of a mile. The thoroughbreds however have longer muscles which allows them to keep up that speed for a longer distance. Don't know how correct I am but thats my opinion. ~Anna~

Curly 03-21-2007 04:21 PM

Often times the races were scheduled for Sunday so more people could be there to see it and even bet on it. The races were generally run right down the main street in town. The main street was normally about a 1/4 mile long. 1/4 mile is also a nice distance becasue a person can stand in one spot and see the start and the finish.

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