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Zanesgirl 07-15-2008 12:20 AM

How Could They? (long post)
I dont know if there is a section to vent on this forum, but thought that this place will do.

I want to know what gives people the right to think that they can 'break' a horse. i don't mean educate, train, help to gain knowledge, i mean BREAK!
i had the (cant say privilege) unfortunate time one day to see someone working with a young horse. the horse was approximately 4 years old and previously untouched. the person was attempting to teach this horse to tie up. fortunately for the horse it had a tie-up collar on that was very broad and had been padded with lambswool. the collar was secured to a rather sturdy post that was part of the round yard. anyway, said horse was going nuts, pulling back, striking, throwing itself around trying to get away from the halter. ive seen horses do this many times, this did not upset me (disturb me yes, upset me no).
next minute, the rope snaps and the horse is free. now, rather than try to find a way out of the yard (which i would have done), the horse went over to the far side of the yard and lay down. i panicked and ran to get the owner (he was cleaning out a stable). he came into the yard and started trying to scare the horse back up onto its feet, using a saddle blanket. this didn't work, so he started hitting the horse all over with it. still horse was on the ground, so he got the stock whip. as he was walking over to the horse, i cracked it, jumped over the yard fence and reefed it out of his hands. we then went on to have a screaming match that went something like this:

Me: Dont even f&#@ing think about it mate!
Him: My horse, i'll do what i want.
Me: if i had any authority, it wouldn't be your bloody horse for long, im ringing the RSPCA.
Him: Go ahead, they wont do jack!
Me: get away from the horse, you've done enough
Him: he didn't say anything, just walked over to the gate (i thought to leave, but to get another whip grrr)
Me: i go over to the horse, she is breathing hard and has a glazed look in her eyes. she is totally unresponsive. i started feeling all over her (i was thinking, she'll probably kick the s@#t outta me but i gotta check she's okay).
i get around to her head and give the rope a light tug, she struggles to her feet, so i very slowly walk her around. she's limping quite badly on her back leg and i state this.
Him: that'll teach her to be a ####head.
Me: bugger you, im ringing the RSPCA. i start dialling on my phone only to discover that i've got no service where i am and have to leave the horse to be able to make the call. i warned him against going anywhere near her, i take her halter off and leave her in the yard while i go make the call.
as i'm coming back in (no reception anywhere on that place) i hear him on the phone to his boss saying that the hrose is safe now cos "ive broken her spirit and she's given up, so she should make a good riding horse for kiddies".
i left shortly after (after checking the mare was walking properly and back in her paddock) and rang the RSPCA who told me they could do very little.
i'm still so MAD! HOW can they do that???????
sorry for the long post guys, im just sooooo angry, upset, everything right now and needed to vent.

mlkarel2010 07-15-2008 12:26 AM

OMG that's HORRIBLE! Especially how he reacted and on top of that his call to his boss.... ugh, the nerve of some people!

americancowgurl31391 07-15-2008 12:28 AM

wow thats very upsetting!! Poor baby...That horse is never gonna trust him. You should look online for any organizations that you could call for help or try to get a video of him beating/hitting the horse that yoiu could turn in.

hotreddun 07-15-2008 11:16 AM

Re: How Could They? (long post)

Originally Posted by bdna
I want to know what gives people the right to think that they can 'break' a horse. i don't mean educate, train, help to gain knowledge, i mean BREAK!



Originally Posted by bdna
and rang the RSPCA who told me they could do very little.
i'm still so MAD! HOW can they do that???????

lack of funding and lack of government support

Sorry you had to witness that...poor horse. :cry:

Gingerrrrr 07-15-2008 03:50 PM


KANSAS_TWISTER 07-17-2008 03:31 PM

rspca, aspca,cspca are pretty much of a joke! sorry to say but it is true, either go to your local police department and make a report or google horse rescues in your area, horse resues tend to bug the police a liitle bit more

Dumas'_Grrrl 07-17-2008 05:23 PM

Good job! I'm glad you stood your ground. You could have turned and walked away ignoring the entire situation...You have principles... :D You earn the gold star and a pat on the back from me.

and toally stinks that the people that are supposed to be able to help, can't.

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