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SorrelHorse 03-02-2012 12:06 AM

Bragging on my baby....
Selena rocks. I mean, seriously.

I took her out today with intentions of practicing for working rancher. Wellllll I got distracted and we ended up working the barrel pattern instead, just because it was set up.

I walked the pattern and she was soft and supple. I trotted it and she was kinda startin to push out the backside a little more. So, for kicks, I loped it.

The first time we went through I didn't ask for much, just let her pick a speed and stick with it. What I wasn't expecting was that on the second time, she was going to fire right out of the gate.

And when I say fire, I mean she took off like a little shawty bullet. Surprising me because I never once took her out of the lope. I was even more surprised when she rated herself right back down when I told her "hey" and really dug in and turned the barrels. Of course with that response on the first barrel I couldn't resist pushing her some on the next two.

Now this wasn't an NFR quality run, but I absolutely did not expect that response out of her. For once she looked like she was enjoying herself instead of fighting me.

She's still in the works but I think I want to practice gaming with her for a little while. The biggest trouble I had with her was that she wanted to overturn and hit the barel on the way out, but I'd rather have a horse who is too turny than a horse who blows out.

I haven't told Mom yet, so I think I'm going to keep building on this, and hopefully by my Mom's birthday I can surprise her with a gymkhana ready horse. Even though Selena is mine I know she wants a barrel horse and I want someone to haul with!

Pointless novel, just excited :) Her and Bailey can be the barrel twins!

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