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Phantomcolt18 03-02-2012 07:18 PM

Prayers For Those Riding Out The Storms
So I've been listening to the weather on the radio and the news about these terrible storms going though the mid-west and south towards east right now. It's all terrible. It seems as though mother nature has lost her marbles!

These are the areas that have the highest threat of tornados coming through tonight.
TWC's Exclusive TOR:CON index -

I know that a good number of people on our forum are in the paths of these storms and I just wanted to offer up some prayers to them. What they are going through must be very, very rough and I can only imagine the feelings they are experiencing at this time. They are extremely brave and I pray and hope that no harm comes to them, their family, and friends(even the 4-legged ones)

I also heard Frog Pond Draft rescue's area was under a tornado watch not too long ago. Prayers for them too that those gentle giants stay safe.

franknbeans 03-02-2012 07:46 PM

Second that-thinking of all of them and praying for their safety. I am battening down the hatches here, but we are just expecting gusts to 70 mhp tonight and tomorrow. Knowing I am lucky to have just that!

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