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tlkng1 03-03-2012 04:57 PM

Feeling Especially Good after Today's Ride
I am sure we all have had that feeling. We get into a slump of sorts, not necessarily a training fault but just due to circumstances and you get ot the point you wonder if it will ever come back.

I have had this new horse for five weeks and out of those five weeks I have ridden, maybe, a week and a half worth of riding and another five or six days of lunge work to help build muscle. The rest of the time the horse as down with a stone bruise (10 days worth) and then trying to ride was like riding a pogo stick. I couldn't get a free area to lunge and bleed off energy due to weather and slimy conditions so when I got on to ride the entire hour plus was taken up just dealing with the overabundance of energy. Then, we had teeth issues and he needed his teeth floated. I couldn/t get ANY work done at all.

Today, even with last night's rain, I was able to lunge for 25 minutes (medium trot only) in one of the outdoor arenas and even then I let him pick his own ws 25 minutes before he decided he needed to walk. I got lucky as well in that our small indoor opened up so I was able to free lunge the horse for another 10 minutes while he was wearing the saddle, lettng hom buck, gallop and play.

When I got on, I had my horse back. We even did quite a bit of cantering which I haven't done in at least the last two weeks as he was just too "up." We still had some head shaking and sidestepping issues going into the canter, like he was going to buck, but made it through. I was able to ride through two dressage tests and actually feel like maybe we might be ready for the show in two weeks time :) I rode him for another hour and 15 minutes after bleeding off all that energy and he was still energetic..just not being stupid about it.

Who else has had that experience? :) A long spell of just bad ridng and then all of a sudden it just works?

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