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christabelle 03-04-2012 01:57 PM

Another Arabian *Fairy magic*
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She is not free like the black one, and I would have to ship her from VA, but what do you guys think? I have several people who have gotten good horses from these guys.

"2 y.o.filly is named Fairy Magic, which reflects her dam's name Fairest Moment (who is a real beauty of about 14.2 linebred to the very famous Russian stallion *Moment). She was a first foal and a late foal (9/13/10), tiny but nice, so the name "Fairy" seemed appropriate. Photo #1 is her at a couple weeks old with dam. Photo #2 is her sire Syndicat, our superb 8 y.o. stallion who combines French, Russian, and Crabbet lines. Photos #3 and #4 were taken last June at 9 months (the two front stockings and long blaze). I just went out today and grabbed some shots of her with her 8 buddies. She is bold and feisty, and usually leads the pack storming up the hill. She is a hand shorter than several, but is definitely a leader."

arrowsaway 03-04-2012 04:59 PM O.O

I won't claim to be an expert on confo... But nothing glaringly stands out to me as wrong. She's cute!

christabelle 03-04-2012 05:06 PM


Originally Posted by arrowsaway (Post 1391637) O.O

I won't claim to be an expert on confo... But nothing glaringly stands out to me as wrong. She's cute!

Heh- yeah. He has a color theme going for sure. I thought it was a joke when he told me it was "the chestnut with a long blaze" , and they were all chestnuts.

SunnyDraco 03-04-2012 05:08 PM

What stands out the most to me is her withers :shock: she seems to have gotten her sire's withers. If you ever want to do bareback riding, she would not be a good candidate. What plans do you have for her?

christabelle 03-04-2012 06:08 PM

I am searching for a potentially competitive endurance horse. I want to retire my gelding by the time he is 20.

Crossover 03-04-2012 06:36 PM

You don't want her.... if you give me the seller's email I'll let them know. :wink::lol:

SunnyDraco 03-04-2012 08:43 PM


Originally Posted by christabelle (Post 1391724)
I am searching for a potentially competitive endurance horse. I want to retire my gelding by the time he is 20.

She looks well built for it. Worth seeing in person to know what her temperament is like to see if she is a personality fit :wink:

I see that herd and all I can think of is how hard it is to tell one apart from another. So many that look alike :shock:

Tapperjockey 03-05-2012 01:22 AM

Nice looking. I'd definitely consider her for Endurance.

christabelle 03-05-2012 09:59 AM

Thank you for the input tapperjocky, I was hoping you would chime in. I enjoy your Arabian related posts.
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MacabreMikolaj 03-05-2012 12:42 PM

Her pedigree on her sire side is fairly interesting. Like most "backyard bred" Arabs (no offense meant), all the champions in her pedigree are mostly three or more generations back. I'll actually be the first to admit I'm not super familiar with a lot of the horses on her sire side - Russian bloodlines are probably what I am the least knowledgeable about. I'm familiar with the horses five generations back like Comet, Aswan, Amurath Sahib, etc. but that really doesn't help you at all - EVERY Arabian horse in existence has those types of horses far far back, they practically founded the modern breed.

I couldn't find her dam on All Breed, and of course *Moment is a good horse but they're pretty vague about exactly where he fits into her pedigree. It doesn't sound like he's her sire, and again, if he's three or more generations back, it really doesn't mean a thing.

The photos posted are difficult to critique, I like the conformation of her sire but quite frankly, he's nothing I would have ever kept as a stud especially since he's done less then nothing in his life to earn his testicles. Her dam is difficult to judge, the photo is a bad one and Arabian broodmares ALWAYS seem to look haggard and awkward. You'll find photos of the famous Moniet el Nefous and I swear, if you didn't know who she was, you'd almost say she shouldn't be bred!

The filly looks well built, her legs look fairly straight. Her wither is set well back which is a really good sign, particularly amongst Arabs. It allows for a freer moving shoulder, a more well sprung ribcage and overall, better strength. Clearly inherited from her sire, along with his extremely short back. I would say her sire is very well suited to endurance. She appears to have long pasterns which concern me, but she's also young and awkward so they may not be as long as they appear.

Overall, I would say she appears to be a decently bred, fairly stout Arab who would do good as a trail horse or perhaps light endurance horse. I wouldn't personally pay much for her, based on conformation and pedigree alone she's not "spectacular". Again, the photos make it hard to determine, but the overall tone of the ad itself - the way they try to promote her bloodlines, the very poor photos of dirty horses and her pedigree indicates to me the people trying to sell her are trying to make her appear "more then she is" either because they know she's just a pet bred horse or are in denial about the fact that nothing about her screams "next champion".

She would fetch under $1000 where I live. Maybe $800 if she's lucky. Is she registered?

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