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EquestrianCowgirl4 03-04-2012 05:36 PM

Random Poll
I was bored so here u go!
Delete my answers and fill in your own...

Name: Courtney
age: 13
favorite color: Turquoise
favorite food: Potatoes
favorite animal besides horse: Mule/Donkey/goat/DOG
how many horses: 3 (Jazz, Curly, Banjo)
other animals?: Dog (Odie), Cat (Boots) Fish (Bubbles), Cow (Zara), and Rabbit ( Nike)
what kind of riding?: Western games (mostly barrels), english (just for jumping), bareback
favorite kind of riding: Barrels and Bareback
favorite horse breed: Quarter Horse!
Horse age? Jazz-8, Curly-6, Banjo- 2 weeks
Horse favorite food?: Jazz- apples/weat thins, Curly- apple horse treats, Banjo- his mamas milk:D
Horse favorite thing to do? Jazz- barrels/ jump/EAT, Curly- Walk around and play, Banjo- sleep
Best horse related memory?: Jazz- When I got her back and watched our partnerhip come back! and when we took like a 45 min nap laying down. Curly- when she would just follow me like a dog and just try her best at everythign she did. Banjo- When we first met and he wouldn't go to anyone but me :)

SmallTownGypsy 03-04-2012 08:10 PM

I'm bored, too, so I will fill this out. :)

Name: Crystal
Age: 29
Favorite color: Pink (I'm a girlie girl.)
Favorite food: Strawberries
Favorite animal besides horse: Dogs
How many horses: 2 - Penny the Paint Pony, and Lily the Gypsy Horse
Other animals?: 2 cats (Eeyore & Shadow), 1 Double Yellowheaded Amazon Parrot (Sark), 3 mixed dogs (Vegas, Ella, and Skye)
What kind of riding?: I haven't ridden in a long time, but I liked show jumping and western pleasure (yeah, I know they're like the complete opposite of each other)
Favorite kind of riding: I guess I answered that in the last question
Favorite horse breed: Gypsy Horses of course
Horse age?: Lily is 2 years and 8 months. We were told Penny was 12, but the vet says her teeth say closer to 15 years.
Horse favorite food?: I haven't really given many treats. They get very occasional peppermint horse treats, but Lily is pushy when it comes to food so that doesn't happen often. Otherwise they eat a mix of Safechoice and BOSS.
Horse favorite thing to do? They do the same, play, sleep.
Best horse related memory?: I have so many! Racing my QH against my best friend's Appaloosa, galloping through the trails while flurries came down, making friends with people I never would have met if it wasn't for the horses, the day I got Lily and the day I got Penny. There is nothing better in life than horses and they fill up your heart with memories. :)

Jessabel 03-04-2012 09:39 PM

Name: Jess
Age: 19
Favorite color: Purple
Favorite food: Blackberries
Favorite animal besides horse: Cats
How many horses: 2
Other animals?: A donkey, a goat (Adelia) 3 dogs (Cinnamon, Sage, and Nutmeg) and 5 kitties (Miss Kitty, Cougar, Pluto, Annabel Lee, and Triquetra)
What kind of riding?: Trail
Favorite kind of riding: Trail!
Favorite horse breed: Warlanders, Irish Draughts, Norikers, Black Forest Horses
Horse age?: Victor is 12 and Norm is 8.
Horse favorite food?: Granola bars, peanut butter cookies, peppermints, and grapes
Horse favorite thing to do? Hand grazing and eating treats!
Best horse related memory?: A few years ago during summer, I took Victor out to a big open pasture all by himself and just let him loose. I stood at one end and he would run straight at me and turn away at the last second. He circled so close I could have reached out and touched him, and the ground shook. :wink: It was really cool. I have a video somewhere...

busysmurf 03-04-2012 10:09 PM

Why not:wink:

Name: Megan
Age: 30
Favorite color: Not sure yet:-)
Favorite food: chocolate
Favorite animal besides horse: My 2 kids:clap:
How many horses: 2 - Odie (buckskin QH) & Dally (Fnd QH?)
Other animals?: 1 dog - Cody
What kind of riding?: Mainly western (WP, barrels) would like to learn more reining. Have done huntseat, jumping, & dressage
Favorite kind of riding: western
Favorite horse breed: Buckskin QH
Horse age?: Odie will be 21 in May, Dally is around 8 or 9
Horse favorite food?: Odie will eat anything resembling anything edible, Dally doesn't get treats yet.
Horse favorite thing to do? EAT!
Best horse related memory?: My kid's smiles the first time they ever sat on a horse (Odie for both of them) and where old enough to actually know what was going on.

Kayty 03-04-2012 10:49 PM

Name: Kayty

Age: Do I need to tell? :P

Favorite color: Turquoise

Favorite food: Seafood

Favorite animal besides horse: Elephants, such beautiful creatures

How many horses: 2

Other animals?: 1 dog, 2 alpacas, 3 rabbits, 1 parrot, 14 tropical fish

What kind of riding?: English

Favorite kind of riding: Dressage

Favorite horse breed: Hanoverian

Horse age?: 16 months, and 24 years

Horse favorite food?: Carrots / Anything she can get in her mouth!

Horse favorite thing to do? Billy will stand for hours if you let him, getting scratched on the base of his ears and over his poll!
Berwyn, well - her favourite thing it to eat, and sleep, and eat... and eat. Retirement suits her ;)

Best horse related memory?: I have two - the first is more sentimental I guess. Every moment spent with my beautiful thoroughbred Hugo, who was recently put to sleep. I don't know if I will ever find a horse that I adore as much as I did him. Even coming straight off the track, he was a pure gentelman. I would spend hours sitting in the paddock with him, and he would never leave my side. He'd graze in circles around me, or just stand quietly and rest his chin on my shoulder. I am tearing up just thinking about that horse, he really was a one in a million.
The other memory, is my favourite competitive memory. Riding the best test of my life, at the state championships, on a mare who was hugely in season! That test got me over the line to get onto the state dressage squad the next year, placing higher than a number of professional riders.

Rachel1786 03-04-2012 10:52 PM

eh, I guess I can do this before bed :-P
Name: Rachel
Age: 26
Favorite color: Purple
Favorite food: Chicken francese
Favorite animal besides horse: dog or dolphin.
How many horses: 3 (Blue, Bella and Legacy)
Other animals?: Dog (Gretchen), Cats (Cosmo and Mr.Tom) A donkey(Donkey Man AKA Clinton) and numerous fish
What kind of riding?:English, really want to learn proper dressage but haven't found anyone to teach me yet
Favorite kind of riding: dressage
Favorite horse breed: Arabian
Horse age? Blue is roughly 40(no that's not a typo ;-) ) Bella will be 15 in June and Legacy is in his late teens
Horse favorite food?: They all like peppermints, apples and carrots the most.
Horse favorite thing to do? Blue, pick on Legacy, legacy Pick on the donkey, Bella, Pick on everyone(MARES!!)
Best horse related memory?: The many times I fell off Blue when I was teaching myself how to ride, I'd hit the ground and he would stop, turn his head to look at me as if to say "you are down there again!" Or the time I didn't tighten his girth enough and the whole saddle slipped under him, won't make that mistake again lol, he didn't mind tho. That horse is an angel!

DrumRunner 03-04-2012 11:11 PM

Name: Amber

age: 23

favorite color: Mint green.

favorite food: Chicken, cooked almost anyway.

favorite animal besides horse: Dog, cat, my fainting goat, snakes

how many horses: 3- Nikki, Hickory, and Lark

other animals?: Dog (Chloe), 2 cats (Sam and Monkey..Yes I have a can named Monkey), fainting goat (Ferdinand aka Ferdie), Finch (I've only had the Finch a few name yet, it's leaning towards Atticus or Scout..long story),

what kind of riding?: Everything Western, right now just barrels and speed events, lots of trail riding and bareback..

favorite kind of riding: Barrels, bareback, and swimming in the summer.

favorite horse breed: Quarter Horse!..Easy one (:

Horse age? Hickory - 22, Nikki -12, Lark - 13.

Horse favorite food?: Hickory - ANYTHING... Nikki - Dumor cookies, apples, and her feed...Lark - Dumor cookies, apples, carrots..They all eat really any treat.

Horse favorite thing to do? Hickory - Eat, chase everyone, be mean to Lark, eat...Nikki - Act like a "valley girl", kick Hickory, crib, trot....Lark - eat, be scratched, give hugs and licks to any person within reach, tear up her blanket.

Best horse related memory?: Hickory - Winning Reserve Champion in 2008 or qualifying and running at State Championships last year after being retired for two years..Fatty still has game lol...Nikki- Winning third over all in ladies in 2011 season or our first run together at State Championships in 2010...Lark - That first perfect run together and realizing what we can be together this season..My girls and I are coming for those titles this year! :) a little excited.

csimkunas6 03-04-2012 11:37 PM

Name: Casey
Age: 20 (will be 21 in 15days or so)
Favorite color: Red
Favorite food: Candy
Favorite animal besides horse: Dog
How many horses: 1 Rodeo Time
Other animals?: Rango (Guinea Pig)
What kind of riding?: English/Western/Trail
Favorite kind of riding: Trail
Favorite horse breed: Thoroughbred and Andalusian
Horse age? Rodeo Time-2 years next month
Horse favorite food?: Peppermints
Horse favorite thing to do? Sleep/Be lazy
Best horse related memory?: When the reality that this little 10month old(at the time) was really truly mine, and that I had worked to get him all by myself!

SmallTownGypsy 03-05-2012 07:50 AM

I'm enjoying reading about everyone's horses and their favorite memories. :)

boldstart 03-06-2012 10:29 PM

Name: Grace

Age: 21

Favorite color: Teal

Favorite food: Chicken

Favorite animal besides horse: Cat

How many horses: Zero

Other animals?: None

What kind of riding?: Trackwork

Favorite kind of riding: Trackwork

Favorite horse breed: Thoroughbred

Horse age? -

Horse favorite food?: -

Horse favorite thing to do? -

Best horse related memory?: Doing my first jumpout out of the barriers. Just the feeling of being scared and nervous, and how the horse knew what was about to happen. All this mass of muscle all bound up, and then the gates bang open and feeling the horse gallop up. Just the power and the speed. So exicting!

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