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LilTuffGirl 03-04-2012 11:19 PM

QH and Half Arabian Geldings
I'm going to be in the police academy for 16 weeks starting april 23rd. Sadly my situation has changed and I don't have anyone to care for my horses while i'm gone. Also can't afford to board them (probably have to pay for my dogs to be boarded)

I will be requesting vet references and wanting to see where they go (pictures will work) These two are very good boys and deserve the best!

Skip is a 12 year old non registered Quarter Horse who is broke to ride. He has mainly had beginners on his back and is very easy to handle. I've shot guns around him and have had all sorts of things happen around him and he hasn't flinched. Granted he did have MASSIVE eyes when I moved my motorcycle down towards him lol but didn't flinch.

Knight is a 7 year old registered half arabian (aha) who is also broke to ride. I haven't been on his back yet but bought him from a kids camp where many kids road him. He is very easy to handle and a great looking boy! I think he's going to be beautiful once he sheds out! Has a half moon on his little dished head. He is only around 14hh though. I really don't want to see him go :( He's my sweet boy!
To show his size.. i'm 5'5

sorry the pics aren't great. I haven't been home a heck of a lot lately to be able to get better ones. Plus they refuse to stay clean!!

Located in Leon, WV (putnam county.. near charleston wv)
Asking :
$250 for Skip
$350 for Knight
OBO! Will work out a deal on both.
E-mail me for fast reply -

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