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justjump 03-05-2012 08:34 PM

Another bit question!
Hey guys :)

I've recently started competing in the Marshall and Sterling childrens hunter and medal classes at some hunter shows. A trainer from another barn (who has been so helpful and who actually got me started in this class) suggested that I should use another bit on my horse because judges on the circuit prefer not to see it in the arena. I use a low port correction with a chain, but I've been taking the chain off for the classes and it doesn't show a change with my horse.

We switched him to this bit in January of 2011 from a twisted wire because he wouldn't bridle up and was jumping really flat (suggested by another trainer). Once we switched him, he started jumping way more square and was clearing the fences easier.

Sorry if I sound ignorant, I don't know too much about bits and how they work, I just do what I'm told by different trainers in the business who help me out every now and then. I was thinking about going back to the twisted wire, but the last time I rode him in one, he wasn't acting like himself and was constantly pulling on my hands. I don't pull on him, I allow him to have his face with light bumps when he needs to be checked and he stays in frame perfectly with the low-port.

Let me know your thoughts! I'm willing to try anything :-)

Thanks guys!

justjump 03-07-2012 07:37 PM

bump, anyone?

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