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TrailxxRider 03-06-2012 12:08 AM

Please critique, possible buy
This may be my final decision (for those who have been following all the horses I've been looking into). His age makes me nervous, but I think he might have lots of life left in him, and since I'm more of a green rider, he might have a lot to teach me as well.

How does he look conformation wise? Do you think he will have the endurance to handle long rides and daily riding? Is he worth it, despite his age?

This is what his ad says: "18 year old, 15.3hh, National Show Horse (Saddlebred x Arabian) gelding. He is very good with kids and have shown him at local open shows and fairs and have placed fairly well. I believe he would be great for a 4H project, with a rider that is confident and is solid at the posting trot. He is GREAT for a child ready to start their show carreer or ready to have their first horse! He is also very good on trails and he is very reliable. He is very healthy, sound and well mannered, bathes, loads, trailers, clips, stands for vet and farrier and trail rides very very well. I don't have any issues with him. I am looking for a buyer a good home is a must. Please email me for more information. Asking $800 OBO I really need to find him a good home sad to have to sell such a fantasic horse!"

Kitty74 03-06-2012 12:22 AM

The first two pics didn't show up, so I can't really critique... try reposting?

calicokatt 03-06-2012 12:24 AM

I can't see the first two pics either, but he has a very pretty head....

tinyliny 03-06-2012 12:24 AM

Well, learn as much as you can about his past. See, how he spent those 18 years will have huge bearing on long he will be sound to ride, and how sound he is "upstairs".

National show horses can often be a pretty hot horse. But, they can also be really fantastic show and trail horses, with huge stamina. I met a man the other day out trail riding his NSH , who he had kept in Alaska for years. The horse was ridden out on the trails with bears and all kinds of wildlife a common fact of wilderness riding, and it kept it's head.

Have you ridden him? Why is he the last choice? I did not read the "saga".

He has a lovely head. I am riding an 18 year old Appalousa who has tons of go. Arabs are known for their longevity.

calicokatt 03-06-2012 12:28 AM

Where do you live? I have two arabs and they have some difficulty with maintaining weight in winter here in washington state. The 12 yr old eats WAY more than my 24 yr old paint mare that is a hard keeper as well. Find out what they feed him and make sure you can afford to keep the regimen up, especially if you'll be riding him more than they did and he'll need more feed. I know that not ALL arabs are like this, but many of them are. :) Anxious to see the body that goes with that head!

TrailxxRider 03-06-2012 12:29 AM

TrailxxRider 03-06-2012 12:34 AM

Do worry, he won't be the only Arab on the farm. The people where I board used to breed them :)

Our horses are fed round bales or giant square bales. One of the owners is retired, and I swear he sits all day watching the horses eat. Once the bale is only have gone he'll get up and go "Horses are almost outta hay! Better go give em another bale..."

Let me just say the horses get rather fat in winter. In summer they have so much pasture its pure grazing, and the horses look wonderful.

Dreamcatcher Arabians 03-06-2012 12:35 AM

He's a good looking fellow and he's only 18. I know that in some breeds that's practically ancient but it's really not unusual to ride Arabs and 1/2 Arabs well into their late 20s and early 30s. So, if the ad is mostly truthful and you get along well with him, I would certainly jump all over him. There's nothing like a middle aged gelding to teach you the ropes without killing you! He could turn out to be one of the best horses you ever own. I'm a little partial to the NSH Saddlebred/Arab cross anyhow, have several of my own and will have more if the economy ever rights itself.

calicokatt 03-06-2012 12:35 AM

I'm not an expert on conformation, and I'm sure that there are many who are on here, but I will say I really like his hindquarters, but his shoulder and neck not so much.

Also, my horses are on 24/7 turnout, no barn available so that doesn't necessarily help with the weight issue for us....

TrailxxRider 03-06-2012 12:36 AM

I'm going to see him on Weds. I plan on bringing cash and if I like him I will see how low they'll go on price. I've been emailing his owner back and forth and he sounds really great and well cared for, just slightly old.

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