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minihorse927 03-06-2012 02:32 AM

Is she really that dumb?! Sort of a rant...
I will start with the story behind this. Last month I had a lady contact me about working with her daughter and their driving mini to help teach her the proper way to drive her mini and also to help whip them into shape for showing competitively. She told me where she lived and it is 15 minutes from me. I talked it over with her and we decided that since she was so close I could just come over there and work her horse and help her daughter out. No big deal, I drive practically by their house everyday anyway.

Well, she asked to come out to my place and see my horses at home (she has seen me show my horses). This was about 2 weeks ago. No problem, come on out. First complaint (which I do not quite understand why this concerns her) is my barn isn't "fancy" enough for her. My barn is nothing fancy, just functional and safe. She tells me she thinks my stalls are unclean because they do not get every last single bit of shavings scooped out daily. They are picked out daily and the shavings are replaced every 4 to 5 days just by the fact of picking them out and new being added. The next thing she says is some of my horses are thin! OK, vet being out as recent as 2 weeks ago and will be back again on the 19th to geld 2 I have, I believe if anyone was thin, he would have said something to me. The thinnest one I have, he rated at a 5. The fattest was pushing 7. Plus many other horse people have been out and have actually made fun of how fat a couple of mine were. I will admit they are rather rotund but have been placed on a diet. The equine massage lady was here Sunday and laughed because the mare she worked on was fat enough she could hardly find her hip bone.

Anyhow, this went on and she claimed that I should have the humane society called on me. LOL, OK here you want their number? I actually pulled it from my phone and wrote it down for her. She of course gave me some nasty looks and talked about her horse and daughter (after telling me I don't care for mine!). Week goes by and she actually calls me and still asks me to come work her horse and teach her daughter! Well apparently when I told her I did not appreciate the way she treated me and my horses the day she came here, she got mad and actually called the HS. Of course they came to investigate the "claims" this lady made. I just got home from work and was starting to pick stalls out for the day. So some were clean and some were not cleaned out in 24hours. They saw nothing wrong with the stalls. They checked for feed (which I have a million empty feed bags in the trashcan if they really wanted to get that specific with it, all dated since Decemeber 2011). They looked into the hayloft to see and loft full of hay. They looked at the horses, I even invited them in to put their hands on them and feel how supposedly "thin" my uncared for, show winning horses are. Needless to say, they wasted an hour of their time (plus driving) to come investigate some crazy woman's claims. They took pictures of everything they saw and said that in this area, I have some of the best cared for horses they have seen. There are an awful lot of starving or just generally uncared for horses. They do what they can, but it is honestly being run out of one of their volunteers farms because they did not have the funds to have an actual HS building and property. They did get everything straightened out and funded, so they do have 5 acres now and are starting on construction.

So am I the crazy one for thinking this woman is out of her mind?! She really has not better use for her time? I did not go to her house ever to see what kind of conditions her horses live in since mine are obviously so horrendous. I am kind of wondering if this is a jealousy issue? I don't know, but needed to vent to someone about the whole mess.

Poco1220 03-06-2012 02:46 AM

So sorry! When I bought my saddlebred show horse in high school the previous owners had sold him because he was a dangerous rearer. She saw us win at one of our first shows and immediately wanted him back. When I refused to sell him back she made the same threats and allegations and sent the humane society out. They came out and said he looked fabulous for a saddlebred and was well taken care of. But it didn't stop her from constantly talking crap. The sad part is I found another saddlebred this year I was in love with and then found out she owned it and RAN lol.

Some people are just born with an extra dose of crazy I guess!
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DuffyDuck 03-06-2012 03:00 AM

Thats horrific, I'm sorry you had to go through that!!

Well, at least now you won't have any more threats from the HS as they documented your place with pics etc so if she does make any more phonecalls, then they'll ignore her- hopefully!

We had something similair. One of the old staliions is 27, and year before last he was put in the round pen with hay and water and had it cornered off for peace- he was struggling to move, get up and down, and if he did go down, they'd be able to help get him up in a larger area. This meant the round pen was out of use. But its summer- we have a huge outdoor riding area.

SO, some bint complained because she couldn't use the roundpen, and our 'area' vet had to come out- so she was handed a one way ticket off the yard >:(

lilbit11011 03-06-2012 03:54 AM

Just went through some crap like that. Some idiot called AC on me for my horses starving, knee deep mud, no water, and so forth. Needless to say after some wasted time and a look over the horses and property, the cops and AC said that the claim was completely untrue and that none of the issues reported were even issues at all. The only thing that angered me besides the obvious was that the AC wanted me to feed the horses outside so that who ever called in on me could see it. I always feed my horses in the barn and told them I was not about to change that because someone wanted to be an idiot.

One of my neighbors (?who might be the culprit from above?) also thinks that I abuse my horses because 1) I have had to work on my mare that was not touchable and they thought I was being mean to the "horsey" because I was free lunging her in the paddock. 2) When I first got my gelding his feet where horrible and he was prone to getting abscesses. Which we all know are horrible and painful. The farrier and the vet are always there if a problem pops up and/or regular care. They are always making nasty comments and causing problems.

kitten_Val 03-06-2012 07:19 AM

Some people are plain crazy!

We had a girl on our local horse forum that would call blanketing in 50F abuse and keeping horses in stall (for ANY reason) to be abuse, and wanted to call AC on that. Needless to say she freaked out number of people on forum (me including) who responded in not so nice manner. She disappeared from the forum after that.

Susan Crumrine 03-06-2012 07:28 AM

Yes. Some people are just plain crazy.
I call them "fruit bats"....
I wish people would step up and really see what abuse is, by volunteering at a horse rescue, before opening their big mouths...

mildot 03-06-2012 07:53 AM

"If you call AC one more time, I'll feed you to the hogs and no one will ever know what happened"

GreySorrel 03-06-2012 08:21 AM

I had someone call AC on us as well a few years back. Same sort of scenario, they didn't see hay, said I was starving them, we didn't brush them, I was abusive, etc. Turns out someone was angry we spoke up about abuse and were trying to get me back for that. AC had to check all our grain, went and looked over all our animals, saw our hay barn full of hay, and I was even willing to provide our 2 hay guys, vet and massage person's numbers if she wanted to talk to them. She smiled and said to have a good day before she left.

kitten_Val 03-06-2012 08:47 AM


Originally Posted by Susan Crumrine (Post 1394339)
I wish people would step up and really see what abuse is, by volunteering at a horse rescue, before opening their big mouths...

Very true! Unfortunately such people are usually not fans to deal with "gross" things (poop shoveling including).

kitten_Val 03-06-2012 08:53 AM

I'm quite amazed AC makes it to your places at all, folks! We have a nasty barn in area (a well-known to many many horse people), with horses starving, over-worked, going down, etc. (I'm not even talking about the feed there). I know AC was called several times by different people, and nothing was done at all. It's been several years back, so I'm not sure what's going on now, but looking at their ads they still operate.

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