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Stoddard 03-06-2012 06:51 PM

Looking for Recommendations
I might look into bridles, but I love the one I have and it seems like it'll hold up for some years to come. It's only been through two horses, and only one had multiple years in it. But, just in case, I prefer the regular headstalls with nothing too glorified or shiny. It's just gonna get dirty anyway, right? That, or a halter-bridle combo. I've never seen one face-to-face and would love to, so if there's a chain of tack stores that you know of that might carry 'em, I'd really be interested in that information.

My saddle is going on nine years old this year. It's not incredibly worn, and it's still comfy, but I'm growing to the point where I'd like a little cushion for my tush when I get a horse and start practicing long trails. So, obviously, I'm looking for suggestions in seat cushions that are soft, but durable, and won't flake out on me in the weather.

I need a cinch for both short and long rides! Something comfortable for the horse, easy to clean, and helps make it breezy when it hits that 110 degree weather. I saw something at Atwoods, looks cool, but I'm afraid it'll pinch. I'll totally get a picture on my phone next time I go by there and post it here, but it's suppose to be comfortable and keep your horse cool. It's soft and squishy, but again, by it's shape, it looks like it's pinch.

I have no experience with saddle bags, so any advice would be great.

If anyone has any other suggestions not mentioned, like rider apparel or other horse equipment, please feel free to say something! I'm trying to get farther into my trail riding experience. :)

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