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AQHA 03-06-2012 09:51 PM

Questions about feeding dac
I've got a mare I'ld like to put on dac orange superior and oil and then a mare I'd like to just have on the orange superior.....

The orange says to give 2 oz per day

The oil says to give 1 - 4 oz per day

If one of my mares get the oil and the orange does she need the 2oz of orange or will 1 work?

Also want to know when is the best time to feed the oil for the best results for coat shine..... I need my horse really shiny for may - september and how many oz should I give - 1 or 2?

Also want to know if the # of oz changes if the horse is on grass vs. hay?

AQHA 03-07-2012 10:21 AM


AQHA 03-07-2012 02:12 PM

does anyone even use dac?

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