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Britt 03-08-2012 10:14 AM

Worst luck of 2012...
My poor mare Gypsie has had the worst luck this year...

She was lame back in January, so I was giving her bute and she got better after about a week and a half. I never figured out why she was lame.

Then in February she got run through our catch pen and got tangled up in the fencing so badly that she had to be cut out. It gashed her back leg up and I was doctoring it until me and Dakota had our fall, and I couldn't get out for about a week. During that week, her leg, which had been healing fine, got horribly infected. She was put on penacillan shots and given a tetanus shot and I was told to apply fura-zone to the wound daily. Thankfully, it began healing up and the infection disappeared.

About two weeks later, around the end of February, I noticed her limping a little. It wasn't much, and I could barely tell she was limping, so I was giving her bute... Well, yesterday my cousin comes down and tells me that Gypsie can barely walk.

I check her out and lo and behold, she can barely walk. No swelling, just a little heat in the leg... but it took us forever to get her across the pasture and she nearly fell down a time or two.

To the vet's we went!

Vet isn't sure just what is wrong with her. She's a little tender on the sole of the hoof, but she doesn't have shoes on and is always a little tender when she's barefoot. He's not sure if it could be a stone-bruise, an abcess, a pulled tendon or ligament, etc... He said that he knows for sure that her fetlock join isn't broken, but that's all he could really say.

The vet gave her a penacillan shot, an injection on bute, and another tetanus shot, and at home I'm having to give her penacillan shots for the next week, plus she's getting two other types of medication (one is 8 pills crushed in feed twice a day and the other is 2 pills crushed in feed twice a day) and I'm having to keep her hooves coated in hoof oil/conditioner to try and put some moisture back in them and draw out any abcesses, if there is one.

Vet said that if she's not better by the time the meds run out, he strongly advises having her hoof/leg x-rayed...

Here's hoping I get a job...

loveduffy 03-08-2012 10:18 AM

wow this year is starting off badly for you I hope it gets better

DuffyDuck 03-08-2012 10:18 AM

God thats awful to hear

Fingers crossed and healing vibes being sent your way!!!

Britt 03-08-2012 10:29 AM

Thanks, guys. I'm so stressed out...

On top of all this, too, my gelding Dakota has a wolf tooth that need to be pulled and I have to find the money to get my cryptorchid stallion gelded!

It's crazy... this years has not been a good one so far. I'm hoping it gets better, because if it goes all year like it's started for me, I dunno what I'm gonna do!

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