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FlyGap 03-09-2012 10:35 AM

Can a horse be double jointed?
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So Rick just FREAKS me out. When I got him he seemed perfectly normal, he's been seen by the vet 5 times since October, and other than his mystery lameness two weeks ago (he's fine now) he's been perfectly sound. But sometimes the way he stands makes him look completely deformed! He's not favoring any limbs or extending them, never stumbles and is as sure footed as a mule. Today I went out to check on them all and there he was basking in the sun with his right hind leg COMPLETELY twisted around, his right hoof pointing directly towards his left one. He was on even ground, not in the process of turning, he was napping! WTH! I stepped him forward and all was normal of course. This isn't the first time I've seen the crazy contortions but this one shocked me! I've had dozens of horses and NEVER have I seen one stand so wonky! His feet are all normal, wear evenly, legs not cow hocked or toed out, all appears normal. He just rests his hind legs in all sorts of funny positions. Wish I could have gotten a picture, insane.

So, what do you know about double jointed horses?

Is it even possible or is there something really wrong with him? Other than the fact he has a totally paranoid owner? He's the only one, out of the three, that gives me fits!

Here is a wonky shot, with his right leg turned out, but you should see it when he turns it in! I'll try and get a good picture of it.

jatrha 05-15-2012 08:24 PM

Can horses be double jointed?
Interested to know if there have been any sensible responses to this thread. I am in Panama, just got an off the track thoroughbred. Conformation interesting. Looking and going very well but....back feet can be duck toed, pigeon toed and legs bowed. Latter made her slow out of the gate hence available, not "broken down".

On top of this "elbows" will occasionally stick out in such a way one would think a bone has popped out of its socket. None of these factors have affected her movement/soundness and occurrence of all/any of these has lessened as she becomes fit with lunging and riding.....

nricutti 05-16-2012 04:51 PM

no such thing
Well, my horse sometimes does this too, rests his hind legs in all sorts of funny positions, but it does not cause any issues while riding.
Having a horse that is toed in, toed out, can sometimes cause problems while riding, especially if they paddle, not to mention that it is unsightly.

But to answer your question: no it it not possible for horses or humans for that matter to be double jointed! That is a phrase very commonly mis used.
Your horse is just special and very flexible! This condition, which is the same in humans, is called hypermobility. This means that the joint, along with the cartilage and ligaments are just super flexible. Alot of the times it is genetic and therefore passed down by parents.
The reason to why it is impossible to be "double jointed" is because a joint is where two bones meet, and it would be impossible to move it both ways equally without causing dislocation.
This being said, a human or horse with this condition might have more chance of a dislocation, but it is nothing to be worried about or to change a riding schedual over.
Also, the flexibility will gradually lessen over time, as the horse (or human!) gets older and more conditioned.

jatrha 05-19-2012 08:00 PM

Thanks for the info regarding Hypermobility...did more research and this is what I am seeing. also it's the reason I was able to get her from Panama's track. The only thing normally available are truly broken down animals. This horse has improved so much in a month that I doubt it will be visible within the year.

Again thank you fr the response

nricutti 05-20-2012 02:24 PM

Glad it helped:)
Best of luck with her

FlyGap 05-20-2012 03:35 PM

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and jatrha. I thought I was nuts when no one responded.
Now instead of looking at him like a FREAK I can at least think mines "special" or at least not deformed. LOL!
He's only 5 and lightly worked right now so there may be hope that he'll grow out of this!
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