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Tequila1233 03-09-2012 11:58 AM

Lame In The Right Hind Leg
My 3 year old mare is all of a sudden lame in her right hind leg. She hasnt been ridden in 2 weeks or anything. She has no cuts, Heat, Or swelling in her leg or hoof. She Has nothin gin her hoof either. I want to wrap it but I dont know where to wrap it since there is no sign of soreness. I just bought some horsemens dream liniment to rub on it when I get home. Any other suggestoions? I dont know if i should turn her out or leave her in the stall.. Help?:cry:

corgi 03-09-2012 12:31 PM

My new horse also just came up lame in the right rear leg. Also, no heat or signs of soreness.

The trainer at the barn suggested stall rest at night (she is usually out 24/7) and no riding for a week. She will re-evaluate on Sunday.

I wouldn't wrap it. Wrapping is tricky and I suspect it can do more damage if it is too tight or in the wrong place.

The trainer thinks she probably just tweaked something by slipping in the mud.

If she doesn't show signs of improvement by next week, I will call the vet. She needs her teeth floated anyway.

Tequila1233 03-09-2012 12:36 PM

Yeah. Hmm thats wierd. So turn out in the day and stall rest at night?

HorsesAreMyPassion 03-09-2012 03:17 PM

If you have no idea about what this could be or how to go about treating it, then maybe your best bet would be to call your vet.

There are many things that this could be. I would start from the hoof up when there are no obvious signs of injury, swelling or heat anywhere else. Just some ideas, hoof abscess, sole bruise, bad case of thrush, has the horse been trimmed or shod recently? He could be trimmed too short, have a close nail, or been nail pricked,etc Could still be a leg issue though, minor strain or sprain in the tendons or ligiments, hock or stifle, or even a pulled or strained muscle in the hindquarters.

Some "tests" you can try if you haven't already are, hoof testers if you have them and know how, gently tapping over the nails with a hammer, check the digital pulse is it stronger on the lame leg than the others, run cold water over the legs and feet and if the unsound leg/foot still feels warm and dries faster than the sound one then there is heat there that you didn't notice before. Palpate the leg with weight on it and also while being held up, compare to the sound leg.

Also, I wouldn't recommend the liniment at this stage, if anything I would be cold hosing.

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