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Equus_girl 03-09-2012 01:55 PM

Bad acne! Please help.
I am 20 years old and have really bad acne. It is mainly around my mouth, chin and my forehead. I've had it since I was around 12. I hoped it would go away, but it hasn't. I've tried many different things. Eating fresh stuff, drinking lots of water, facial masks, home remedies ect. Nothing has really worked.

I'm trying Clearasil Pads, but they haven't done much either. It is frustrating because I would really like to have decently clear skin and it is annoying that I have to wear a full face of makeup - foundation, concealer, blush and powder to look half way decent. And of course you can still see the bumps - it just takes away all the redness. I wash my face twice a day with a very pure soap and then use witch hazel as a toner.

I'm willing to even try some medications (not that I really like doing that), but I just don't know what to try next. Do any of you have any tips that have worked for you? I really would like to have reasonably clear skin soon! Thank-you!

kait18 03-09-2012 05:03 PM

have you talked to a dermatologist(sp).. they could really steer you in the right direction..

as for little things
visine takes away redness (put on before makeup)
make sure makeup helps clear acne.. nuetragena make has a ton of stuff especially there concealors.
try washing you face with hot/warm water to open pours and then use a mild wash like st ives or something to that nature. and rinse with ice cold close pours

you can also do soaking of face is ice cold water.. im not sure how long you have to keep your face in it but i went until i couldnt hold my breathe anymore...

um... what else if your skin is dry it will also cause ur face to breakout so find a good face moisturizer

other than that a dermatologist can give you medacation and other helpful pointers

goodluck :)

MissColors 03-10-2012 12:28 AM

Salt water. Let it dry everything out for a week or so. Then moisturize everyday and salt water once or twice a week for regular control until you only need it really once a month.

As simple as:
Remove make up.
mix warm water and about 2-3 tablespoons of salt for about 4oz of water.
mix til most of all salt is dissolved.
Dip cotton ball in water and rub all over face a couple of dips and let dry.

Work like a charm for me.
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Poseidon 03-11-2012 12:44 AM

I would try a dermatologist to figure out what the exact cause of your acne is.

When my face breaks out, it's mostly due to hormones and dehydration. I started drinking the recommended amount of water (which is actually half your body weight in ounces, not the standard 64oz) and I've been on BC for a year or so and now my face is mostly clear except for occasional spots. I happened to find out from guessing and checking, but a dermatologist would have been awesome when I was in high school.

imacleod 07-09-2012 09:07 AM

I suffered from acne for 30 years an couldn't find anything that helped until I tried a product called Panoxyl, which contains benzoyl peroxide.

I used it and things improved immediately, stopped using after a couple of months and things stayed clear. Now I just wash my face using pure soap (a supermarket own brand) twice a day and it's all good, as long as I keep my hands away from my face!

That stuff's pretty cheap so give it a go, start with the lowest strength 2.5% stuff and see if that works, if not try the 5%.

Hope that helps!

DancingArabian 07-09-2012 09:43 AM

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I like the Neutrogena gold bar soap. I wash my face with it whenever I shower. If my skin feels too oily, I will instead put cold cream on my face, let it sit for a few minutes then wash it off.

Don't touch your face with your hands! You might be leaning on your chin during the day.
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MN Tigerstripes 07-09-2012 09:52 AM

Go to a dermatologist! There are types of "acne" that aren't actually acne and are made significantly worse by using acne products.

RiddlesDarkAngel5 07-09-2012 09:56 PM

Yeah id definitely recommend seeing a dermatologist. I had acne in my early 20s and hated it!! So i feel you. It was only after the doc looked at my skin that she was able to determine the right med for my type of acne.

As a precaution, though, i will warn you that many types of oral acne medication can negatively affect your birth control (if you are on it). Just something to make sure to ask before you start taking something.

dbarabians 07-09-2012 10:00 PM

See if you can get a prescription for Retin A.
I had a foster child that suffered from acne. Retin A even helped deiminish the scars. Might be worth a try.
Oh and it is good for wrinkles too I hear. Shalom

enh817 07-09-2012 10:15 PM

I haven't had the best experience with Dermatologists. All of them seem to want to put me on things like long term antibiotics or the like. None of them ever really seem interested in trying to determine the underlying cause of the acne. Though I suppose if they did that, they wouldn't have too much repeat business :\
I'm not saying that you shouldn't see a Derm. Just be wary, ask lots of questions, don't be afraid to say no to a treatment that doesn't sound right to you (as I did when dermatologists wanted to put me on antibiotics) and don't hesitate to seek another doctor's opinion. Remember, while ideally doctors should be solely interested in their patients' welfare, the fact of the matter is, they're running a business just like any other and are just as concerned with 'the bottom line'.

Is your face oily? Testosterone makes our skin produce more oil, more oil = more clogged pores, more clogged pores = more acne.
Are you getting cystic acne? The kind that is more under the skin, painful and filled with clear liquid?
If yes, to any of those questions, your acne is likely caused by hormones (testosterone).
If that's the case, I strongly suggest talking to your doctor about getting on a Birth Control pill, that is known to help with acne, such as Ortho Tri-Cyclen. It's the only thing that has helped my skin.

I feel your pain, it sucks :\

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