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mnpunkin 03-09-2012 04:17 PM

Trainer recommendation for Minnesota
Hello. I've been lurking for awhile and this is my first post.
Can anyone recommend a reputable trainer located within the Twin Cities metro area?
I have a 15 yr TWH gelding and here is my story. I bought him in 2008 after having to put my 10 yr old down. The party I bought him from worked him at least 3x a week and he had wonderful manners, etc. That was the case with me for the next year as well. However, due to unexpected life events; laid off from job...........depression sets in, etc., I just didn't have the 'get up & go' to work with him consistently. So, he has developed some bad habits. Bullying me (invading my space), being controlling while working, both ground and under saddle and other sorts of bad behavior that have intimidated me. These behavior issues are my fault due to the lack of daily interaction, but I am apprehensive about working with him because point blank..........I'm a little scared of him. He has lost his respect for me I imagine.

I would like to find a trainer that will work with both me and my horse so we can redevelop the mutual respect we had for each other in the beginning. I need my confidence back as well! He is a wonderful horse, but we both need a "back to baby-basics" refresher course.

Any suggestions are most appreciated!

Thank you

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