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Shadow Puppet 03-14-2012 11:22 PM

Letter To My Shadow Puppet Horse
Dear Shadow,

I know you have had a pretty crappy life before I got you, but I did too, so I guess we both understand whats it's like to constantly be thrown away like we don't matter.

You were born specifically to buck people off a a rodeo. And all because you were a hand to short they sold you to meat buyers. From there you were rescued and sold to another home where you were beaten. I don't know much else about the other seven places you bounced around. Finally when you came to me at ten years old, same age as I was. We bonded. You have no clue how much I talked about you after the very first day I met you. The first words I said were "I really like her, I really really like her."

My whole life I wished for just one friend, just one person to take away my sadness. No one at school ever like me, or ever talked to me. I was bullied all my life like I didn't matter. By the time I met you my dear Shadow, I had no friends and I was scared if everyone and trusted no one because all my life, like you was treated like I didn't matter.

You mean the world to me Shadow Puppet and I would really appreciate it if you would not buck my off in the mud or in puddles, or lets just say at all. I know you ahve it in you my dear horse, and I know it's hard to trust people, I know, but most importantly I know you trust me and I trust you too.

Soulmates, some would call us, and I think that's an appropriate term for our cicumstance. With luck we found eachother and who knows where we would have ended up if it weren't for eachother. I would probably be on the streets doing drugs, quit school, and drinking, like every other teenager in this tiny little town. You would have probably ended up somewhere where you were abused like in you past, or dead. But now that we have eachother we are loyal t eachother.

Still, to this day I have no friends and I am still the resource of everyones anger, but at least I have you to share my problems with and to confide in. It's nice to finally have that other half to me.

Four years later we are an inseperable team and we are the star team at the barn. No one beleived in us or you. They said that you would kill me. It came close once, but I never gave up in you, like you never gave up on me.

Shadow I will love you forever and I know you will love me too. Writting this letter makes me sooo excited to see you tommorrow even though I just saw you an hour ago.

You have no idea how much you mean to me and I have no idea how much I mean to you. And even though you don't whinny, or nicker at me everytime I come to see you. That's okay because We know deep inside both our hearts are screaming with excitement to see eachother.

Love you more than the world My pretty Puppet.

Your owner, companion, best friend, and most importany soulmate

Tyllore, your girl.

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