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happy123 03-16-2012 03:45 PM

Interesting Day...
So today I went to ride the mare I lease for the first time in about a week. She was in heat, so I'm thinking, "what a fun day this is going to be!" ;D
She let me catch her right away , unlike last time I rode when it took 5 mins. She also let me put her bridle on easily. I think she is beginning to learn that she can't get away with as much. Anyway, her owners were showing this adorable sorrel gelding. He was pretty hot and did a couple crow hops, kept throwing his head up, spinning, ect. Just like the first time I rode Sweetie. My mare decided she was going to show off and be a perfect angel :lol:
Which I don't have any problem with. So we rode for a while, she has an awesome western trot that is not bouncy at all and very nice to sit. We worked on backing and then did some bareback.

I put her back in her stall. 2 of the horses were out of the pasture. One of them kicked a water pipe, broke it, and had water gush everywhere. That was fun to clean up :evil:
So then after that incedent I got Sweetie back out to give her a bath. She was in heat, and one of the colts was feeling a bit "frisky" xDD
He got on her while I was leading. She got mad at him. So then it was just a crazy moment before all the horses came out (like 8) of the pasture. Sweetie did not get her much needed bath because of that :(

What an interesting day. It was pretty fun though :P

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